PRYSA is waaayyy too short

I think that the prysa season be atleast 4-5 months but we get stuck with about 1 and a half, does anyone agree with me???

Yes, I agree, the kids could start indoors as soon as the ice is out for practise then hit the fields earlier, we could get at least another month.

why worry about the ise theres the civic center gyms the school gyms etc

Well, here you go. The ice is taken out starting April and youth soccer starts at the same time.
The youth soccer season is three months long, from the first week of April to the last full week of school at the end of June. I think that’s long enough for those who volunteer - the coaches , organizers etc.  My husband coaches my daughters team and he puts in at least 3 hours every week.

I think the soccer season is perfect, especially the way our weather is.  The fall and winter sports are just ending and it is nice to have a week or two off.  I coach a team and I think the soccer season is just right, I myself would have liked to see it end a week earlier due to the last week of school everything is so busy and people are leaving for holidays.  I have already been told that 4 of my players will be leaving on Friday for holidays so not sure if our team will even have enough players for games on Saturday.   

Perhaps if more adults stepped up to help out there could be a longer season. But for me I like the season just as it is … I need a break before school starts.

having coached soccer a few times over the years, there really isn’t much more of a window for the season, a lot of the players are also hockey or basketball players and their seasons don’t end until April/May, plus as mentioned elsewhere vacation plans play havoc with rosters by the end of June as people head out of town. 

Indoor soccer  prior to April would have to be in the school Gyms or school auditoriums as the  rink still has that slippery substance over the floor.

The only drawback with the schedule as it is would be Rupert’s spring weather, which of course can offer anything from fantastic sunshine to mind numbing monsoons.

All in all they do a pretty good job of getting the season in with dwindling numbers of volunteers to coach, organize and such. 

I think that’s the key…when the weather’s great, everybody wants a longer season. When the weather sucks, the season can’t end fast enough.

However, it seems the season IS just long enough for players to start buying into a coaching style, to start learning some new tools, to begin to understand their position(s), to start playing a a team…and then the season ends.

 I loved those soccer years, when my boys were young.They played for 7 years here, through the worst of weather. We would come home some nights and I would have to hose them down… full of mud from Roosevelt…lol… I have some great memories watching all their games.
Driving past Charles Hays and seeing everyone out on the field, puts a big smile on my face…
just wanted to share that … have fun with your kids… they grow up so fast.  :wink:

I really do appreciate the time and effort everyone puts into the league.  I enjoy watching, I was never really into soccer, but I find it exciting.  I would love to have a regional soccer tournament.