PRSS earthquake proof

northern view is  saying 7.9 mill to upgrade for earthquakes. maybe its just me but why not build new instead of investing that much into an old building?

Yesterday’s Daily News reported that as well.  I do know that the school district can use this information as proof that it would be more feasible to build a new school instead of fixing this one.  The district can ask for help from (not sure if it’s provincial or federal) the government.  Someone that actually works for the school district might be able to shed more light on the subject.

yea they can put all the students in one of the empty elementary schools while they build it

I wonder if this would qualify for the federal/provincial third/third/third funding program.

No they cannot.
There is a ministerial order that doesn’t allow exactly that.
A school board has to confirm that it will not need a school for future educational puposes before passing the bylaw to close it.  Once it’s closed it cannot be used as a school anymore by that same school board.

i was joking i know theres as good a chance as them putting students in there as them using inlander for a school lol

They just finished a $9.5 million seismic upgrade at a fifty year-old Victoria school.
I don’t see why they can’t put 8 million into PRSS. … 000189.htm

they spent money on mount doug to upgrade because its a far superior school than PRSS . i went to mount doug it does not show its age where as PRSS has not been kept up over the years . glad they upgraded mount doug great school. one of my old classmates steve nash mighta just paid to keep it going lol