Protest slated

Make your signs, get ready to protest…flash mob at the mall sunday to protest RAIN.  No more rain, no more rain, we aren’t going to take it anymore, no more rain!!!  Hey, i just read a post on what is there to do on a rainy day, this sounds like a good thing to do!  lol.

Rain has been closed for some time.  And why would you protest them?  There were a nice place to grab a meal.

Rain as in h2o falling from the sky. And…

Nah it’s too easy I’ll leave this one alone  :-P

Not RAIN the resturant…

  just wondering…are you related to ajaye… :imp:

NO! no, no, no…just bored…lol… :wink:

I love the rain, finally I can sleep without sweating!

that’s ok bubba, sounds like you need to come and support us anyway, its not the rain you like its the cool temps so come on out on sunday, we are working on special poster’s just for you, people who don’t like it to be hot.  We have ICE coming fron Southern Gulf of Mexico to play some tunes…you should pop out, it will be a blast!

canadian band TROOPER was set to play but they are in southern mexico with recording star LALO and refused to come baack to rain.  Next for the protesters is a march along 3rd ave with this back-up song, "Rhythm Of The Rain
Hm - falling rain
Hm - falling rain
Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain.

Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain
telling me just what a fool I’ve been.
I wish that it would go and let me cryin’ rain
and let me be alone again."