Proper Punctuation Thread?

Then the answer is simple: it was the work of lawn Gnomes.

I probably would have gone with a full-on colon there, dude.

Thanks bro. What would you use a semi-colon for?

To end a sentence with a preposition.

Nah, seriously, a semicolon is sort of half-way between a comma and a period. You’d use one to join two sentences or fragments like you would with a comma. The two parts are more related than they would be with a period, but not as related as they would be with a comma. Make sense?

You’d also use a semicolon when there’s a list in a sentence.

Of course, the internet/usenet rule applies to grammar pointers: one can’t make grammar comments without making a spelling or grammar mistake.

I love the split thread function.

Edit: But the default shouldn’t be to leave the ghost thread in the other forum.

Hey, so was I correct when I said full colon? I knew it wouldn’t be a semi-colon, but I was thinking that a period (your friend at the end!) would also be possible.

Admittedly, “chocolate thief” is a new one to me.

Best. Thread. Ever.

Haha, that internet comic was actualyl funny! “gay douche”… HAHAH

Heh, see if they had used comics like this when I was in highschool to teach me punctuation I’d be a master!

Between Penny Arcade, and Cyanide & Happiness, I can usually find a fitting strip to post here.

And then there’s the panda joke.

Wow I learned something; or did i? guess not :frowning: