Projector 399$ New!

Not that i know of, we did loose a tv. But the people at the door were checking recipts before you were allowed out, NO matter how many times you de-magnetized a product its that one that still beeps…

Like going to the Source and then Zellers, as I learned this holiday.

A TV?  A big one?  How’d that happen? 

I was told a customer was at the front oor showing his receipt to the checkout crew and had the tv behind him he turned around to grab it and POOF some one walked off with it, it was a 42" tv, nothing small :frowning: im not sure if the store refunded him or gave him a brand new one.

I got it all set up, and it looks pretty good.  I have it at about 100".  Its just projecting on my wall and it looks great.

Good good, how did ya hook it all up.?

I got 110’’ screen for $120.00 if you need one. might be better then your wall. I used with my DIY projector that I made and destroyed. the screen mounts to your wall.

That would improve the picture for him so much!

I checked the internet for a wall to screen comparison.  There is nothing on it.  If it made that big of a dif you think there would be plenty on it.

Well, as long as you checked the internet, then I guess that’s it then.

I check the internet all the time.

your retarded if you don’t think it will.

Think about it, say you have a egg shell white wall compared to a bright white or natural white wall, or even better THE PROPER Screen, colors will be all different.

Research it more. THEN post your conclusion.

You think the theater just buys a normal screen ?

He checked the internet.  End of story already.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]


Just tried it on a screen,  Not much difference at all. 

Blind or really bad eyes.

ya probably has hair all over his palms…this is why he is blind…lol

agree :stuck_out_tongue: