Professional Handyman: Drywall & Paint

Professional Handyman: Jackson Drywall & Paint: Residential


  • Free estimates
  • Tear out old Drywall, basic repairs, insulate, vapour barrier, etc.
  • Board
  • Tape & Coat to finish
  • Prime & Paint

Good Quality work, reasonable prices.
Have work that can be viewed & inspected.
Good control of worksite, tidy & organized.
Good experience in tying New Drywall to existing, as opposed to a total reno.

phone: 250-624-1157

I have a laundry room reno that needs drywall & taping. Call me for a price and timeframe pls. 250-624-4458. Thanks

  • Offering Exterior Painting:
  • Work that can be viewed from last year.
  • Scaffolding available if needed for bigger houses.


cell: 250-624-1157


Thank you

Are you still for painting and drywall repair?