I recently decided to retire my Epson C86 inkjet printer, the damn thing is too expensive to run.  I went to Kaien Printer Essentials today and got a new unit.  I’m happy with it; it works with my Linux boxes and my daughter’s Macbook.  It is a HP Laserjet P2015. :smile:

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Nice printer.  What are the specs?

Thank you. :smile: 
Here are the specs:

Pretty nice.  Sorry I would have looked it up myself but I’m in the middle of cooking chili.

No worries:-)  I’ve gotta go get cooking myself in about an hour or so.


hitest :smile:

It is a B/W laser, seems very sturdy, good quality.  I love it so far on my Slackware unit. :smile:

I too just bought a new printer 2 weeks ago tho, bought my self a Color Laser printer from work, a samsung, works very nicely with the wireless apple basestation, and the peecee in the house :stuck_out_tongue:

Wireless Printing WOOT!

Very cool indeed:-)
I’ve been using a product similar to this on my canon Pixma Pro 9000 with great success,cheap to use, beautiful results easy to install.