I know very little about printers, other than the fact that I think I should buy one. Probably about 80% text, 20% pictures. Speed is a definite bonus. Not looking to spend too much though. Does anyone have any recommendations?

When I say printing pictures, though, they don’t need to be ultra high quality photo-quality glossies or anything.

Majority will be black and white, as well, I think.

I think what I’m probably looking for is something like a very low-end laser printer, something like this.

I was in the same boat a few months ago, looking for a good black and white ink jet to print the occasional photo. The sales helper dude at Staples pointed me to the Canon that was on sale. It prints very crisp, quick text and vidid images if you want to… Even on ‘draft’ mode, you’ll get decent text and color in a hurry, without using much ink.

Speaking of ink, that’s the reason I bought this thing. It comes with 4 cartidges… black, cyan, magenta and yellow. Each individual color cartridge is about the size of your standard Lexmark or Epson 3-color cartidge, so the ink will last ages longer than the comptetition… This is nice becuase if you do run out of a color (lets say yellow), you can just go buy a replacement yellow cartridge, rather than chucking away the unused blue and red and dishing out $50 bucks for a new tri-color one, which you probably wont get full milage out of anyway. Also, teh black is twice the size of the color cartidges, so expect it to last you a very long time. Canon ink cost less than others, so you can actually afford to buy new cartidges rater than those iffy refill kits.

My Canon is an i560… It was abgout $90 bucks I think. I’ve been using it steady since Sept. 04, and I still have plenty of ink, it’s never jammed up or anythign and it’s quiet… BONUS!

Have a picture…

Hah, I never noticed this before looking at the image I posted, but there is a USB port on the outside of the printer… I guess youc an plug your camera straight into it… Not that most people would want to do that, but there you go!

Eso, if you are interested, I will gladly sell you my printer Epson stylus photo 820 for a very good price ( I really mean a reallly good price) PM me ok.

If Eso doesn’t want it, I’d buy it from you.

Back off, get your own sandwich!

It’s “Back off get your own SAMMICH!” Jeez get it right! haha

Get a cheap laser-printer. It is a chunk of change at first but you will get 1000 or more pages out of a single cartridge than you would a ink-jet.

future shop has some refurbished lexmark printer/scanner combos on sale for $60 they are the X2200 series ink is fairly cheap 27 bucks for black.

yeah there JUNK!!

I wouldn’t take a Lexmark if it was given to me… Infact it’s common practice for my grandfather to buy another Lexmark printer rather than new ink…

Either way they still suck.

I’m lexmark Certified except for last years printers other than that i’m all certified i would never buy a lexmark in-kjet it would be a epson for sure. but for a laser printer yeah id buy a lexmark…

:laughing: I bought it because i can throw it away/ebay it instead of buying new ink

I tend to browse for reviews. My first printer was a Canon BJ-200 which I used on a Commodore 64 and was never let down. It ended up being gifted to a needy friend.

When I upgraded, the reviews said the Epsons were good. Last year it was the

it will cost you more to ebay it than to throw it away… it cost’s money to ebay thing’s…

Yes, but the garbage man isn’t going to give you any money to take it away. Even with the possibly $3 in fees from eBay, you’ll still make money.

If you want to do color do Canon that takes C3 or C6 cartridges:
REASON 1-37 You can buy generic inks for $10-$15
REASONS 37-99 you can buy cyan, magenta, yellow instead of triple cartridge

If you want a good laser deal Samsung 1500 series $199. Cartridge is about $100. Has paper inside in tray and you feed other stuff thru the front slot. I’ve been trying to replace my ageing HP6s and these work okay. If they don’t last ten years like the HP6s who cares, they’re $199 !!!

beware cuz lots come new with partly filled cartridges Lexmark!
Samsung also has a sub $600 color laser out now.