Printer sharing

Having trouble sharing a printer over a wireless network w a Dlink router. 3 XP computers on the same workgroup and the 2 remotes can’t even browse it… what are we forgetting?

How is the printer wired into the network?.. the computer that it’s connected to, does it have printer and file sharing turn on? Once you can see the printer from the other 2 computers through network neighborhood, right click and select connect. That will install a basic print driver, and should be viewable from the control panel, printers icon. then right click on that printer, in the priting options, and see if you can print a test page. Thats the exact procedure I use when I setup at network printer. Now if the printer is wired in via CAT5 then we gotta start from scratch. Let me know.

Fire Walls ? Printer Shared ? I know i should not ask but i did :smiley: All computers on DHCP ?

All of the above checked. The computer with the printer can see the other two in Network places. The 2 remotes can’t see dick, and return only MShome network unavailable…

Can the two remotes see the router? Get out to the internet? Etc …

I.E. is it a general networking problem or just a problem with the workgroup?

Oh yeah forgot to ask … is it XP Home or XP Pro?

awwright you troubleshooters! You ask too many questions.

Let me reword the problem:
No matter what Windoze OS or combo of Windoze OS’s I have have tried will share printers or files over wireless connections on any model of Dlink I ever tried. 2 computers that will share files over a crossover cable will not work plugging one into the LAN and one via wireless either.
Everything plugged anywhere in it surfs the net so the LAN-WAN and WLAN-WAN work fine for Internet. The LAN-LAN file and print share is just fine. The WLAN-WLAN or WLAN to LAN are a pain in the ass.
Just wondered if there’s a hidden setting somewhere…

FYI: I use Dlinks cuz I sold hundreds and RMA’d just ONE. Linksys and SMC RMA’s were running over 15% so I don’t want to switch.

Here’s another brain twister:

Advantages of setup one and two? Which would you choose? Hell the outdoor AP is so overkill it could even do RADIUS authentication but you’re selling to cheap and stupid…

[quote=“herbie_popnecker”]Here’s another brain twister:

Advantages of setup one and two? Which would you choose? Hell the outdoor AP is so overkill it could even do RADIUS authentication but you’re selling to cheap and stupid…[/quote]


#1 would be my choice, simply because setting up 2 ip’s takes more time, and the hub slows down your throughput.

I’ve actually had problems in the past, with the same explanation you’re telling me. This setup should fix it. The problem I had was when I plugged the dls into the router, then from the router (wireless of course) I hard wired 2 computers to it. Now the first computer that was plugged into the back could see the second, but the second computer couldnt see the first. Sound sorta that same?.. try this setup, and it might fix the problem. The only difference is that the wireless router i used was a USR, earlier model. Maybe even try a firmware update on that router.

Does the motel owner with the laptop need to access the tower for any reason? If not, why have two wireless APs? The laptop could just access the public AP to get to the internet …

In any case setup #2 is better but the hub should be a switch segmented into two vlans, one for the motel business “network” and one for the public “network” - so the WAN port on the business wireless AP is actually an internal port on the switch etc. Actually the business wireless can just be a wireless hub etc - no need for a router.

The WEP security is still pretty weak and a Vlan would help protect the business network. Just configure the Vlans so that they cannot talk to each other.

we talked him into #2, mainly because we can access a backdoor on the outside AP from anywhere. Lucky we did cuz the signal blasts downtown now and minutes after my service set it up & proved it, the guy reconfigured, changed the channel to one that conflicts with our heavily used public network, and changed the admin passwd too. Then showed up to whine ‘our stuff doesn’t work’…
we didn’t tell him we went in and switched to an unused channel. Channels are beyond human comprehension. (to humans in FSJ that is…)