Principal in trouble on a rez ? would he be guilty or what?

well you think residential school was bad I would imagine it was but. what happens to a principal from a reserve for over 20 odd years has been charged up to 42 to times with one person. and he had stated “Im not going down alone Im taking these 2 other guys with me” whats up with that ? a PRINCIPAL of an elementry school for over 20 some what years has done this to young women his first trial is Feb 23 from what I hear any one intersested in listening in on it.
what can a person do victiums cant always be victiums we need to stand up for our rights what they had done was not your fault you are not to blame give them back the pain that for so many years you have carried with you the guilt the shame give it back to the abusers let them know they are not gonna win this time  :blush: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

In The Navy!

Who are you talking about? :confused:

It is unfortunate hearing about this kind of shit again and again with people in authority. There seems to be this germ which all of a sudden appears maybe the house next door or someone you may have known who has become another victim to this germ. Sometimes you know the germ and you begin to wonder, is it ok to trust anyone out there. I feel sorry for the victim or victims and the village people who must help the victim deal with it.