Princess of Power

… Got a bit bored. Want a darker, more personalized (and clever, if you ask me :stuck_out_tongue: ) avatar?

I’ve made a few color variations of the same avatar. All 100x100 pixels.

The center symbol is, indeed, the ‘Power’ symbol. At least in the computer world. heh. :smile:

Your hosting provider is parked, or something.

Ha ha, that’s awesome!  Although, don’t you think that symbol sort of looks like a middle finger sticking up?  It just slightly looks that way to me! 

Stupid slow Citywest. heh.

Princess sees them because she’s not on Citywest.

Myself, MiG and anyone using CW can’t see my site (or the images in this thread) until Citywest flushes it’s DNS. Not nice. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can get opendns to flush their cache, that may help.

But if the TTL on your DNS is set to 24 hours, then technically the record is good for 24 hours.  That’s the way the system is designed.  Or you can lower the TTL to an hour, but that would be trading quickness of response for accuracy.  Some people lower the TTL when they know they’re going to make a change, then increase it again.

Who does your DNS for you?

Wow this nerd speak is HOT!

Haven’t you heard? ‘Nerds’ are the new cool people. It’s true. :stuck_out_tongue: … ature.html … c0221.html


Yeah, nothing is sexier than those ones who spend days at a time playing WoW.  :unamused:

Well, there are distinct differences between hardcore gamers and just IT (and other) ‘geeks/nerds’. Don’t confuse the two. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the ones who can help me when my computer confuses me.
Or when it goes, FIZZLE!

But then again, it’s not hard to confuse me. (Knew it was coming, thought I’d get it out of the way)  :stuck_out_tongue:

Since we’re all here:


G’head. Pick your favorite news/blog/other site and have translate it.

Try this one

LOL… “Princess of Powa”… Yeek.

I’m headed out for the night… I’ll come back later to check out your G33K $p33K

Haha, Hackingthemainfrizzle.