Prince Rupert Weather


Dyes anyone else just love the wonderful late spring weather in this turd hole of a town ??


Be thankful for the rain.


You seriously have nothing better to talk about


Just fed up, just arrived or just didn’t live here for long? Get used to it because to me, it looks like it’s a pretty good start compared to previous years… You know, the kind of year that barely has any sun during summer…


Weather is looking pretty damn good today!


Damn right it is. But it’s a shame that there isn’t a whole lot of places in town to enjoy the coast life…


Okay , I’ll admit I was on a bad mood when I called Prince Rupert a hole …it’s not that bad of a place and over all the weather has not been that bad.Sorry


Well, I guess you’re in a good mood to call Prince Rupert’s weather “not… that bad”! Enjoy 'till it lasts!!


If the council plants more trees they can reverse global warming in Rupert.