Prince rupert rampage

who won the hockey games last night and today

Houston won both games…we lost 6-3 last night and lost 4-3 today

thank you

Two goals got called off by the refs, it was a ggod game today.  I thnk in a month or so once the team gets used to paying together, they will be a force to be reckoned with! Way better security this time no drinkers instead there was a tail gate party outside but everyone was well behaved

beer gardens?
Will there be a section or is it not in the future for the hockey games?

There are no plans for a beer garden this year.  As mentioned earlier, some higher ups in the Rec Dept are not overly excited about the Rampage so everything has to be done to keep things squeaky clean.  It is important for the team to succeed and games have to be good family entertainment!  So far all but a few knuckleheads have been well behaved and there have not been many ‘incidents’ to deal with.

Also heard that there was some ‘tailgating beer sales’ in the parking lot on Saturday night and would suggest this is not a good idea as the RCMP are attending games, both in and out of uniform and are patrolling the parking lot.

Next game is Saturday November 8th, so will have a few practices to work on a couple of things and give injuries time to heal.  The weekend games with the Luckies were definitely worth the price of admission, exciting and hard hitting!

Why wouldn’t the rec people want the Rampage to succeed? People using and enjoying the rec center is a bad thing?

I think your reading it wrong Mike.  I think the point is that the rampage are under the microscope and they (the rec dept) dont want a bar crowd scene in the arena.
Thats why there is no beer gardens.  Or else the chances to have ugly pock marks on the Rampage will be there with a beer gardens.
Maybe next season when they are established and have a fan base …maybe then you can introduce a beer garden with sales cut off at the 15min mark of the 3rd period,

Totally reasonable.

Partly right. The team decided to keep it a “family environment” and let gate receipts  and  50/50  do the supporting. I don’t believe the decision had anything to do with the rec department. Also, all the security is volunteer and there is no point in making their jobs more difficult, its hard enough to get volunteers as it is. So far so good, with very few complaints.

The rec mgr can be a bit of a twitter head most of the time. I have seen first hand some of the dumb decisions that have been made regarding the ice times. I think that being the first year out it is a good decision not to have a beer garden, so that all the other wrinkles can be ironed out first.  To those few knuckleheads from Saturdays game, do everyone a favour and stay HOME!