Prince Rupert Rampage

So the Rampage’s first home game is this Saturday (Oct 11), and I think the puck drops at 8:00pm (I could be wrong on the time though).

I was curious, though, if anyone knows what their roster is like. A quick Google search didn’t help me out too much.

yes the game is scheduled for 8:00pm

heres is the leagues site

I do recall seeing the roster in the Daily News. Unfortunately I couldn’t tell you the date of the paper.

My first post…

Caught the games in Kitimat last weekend and the Rampage roster includes but will not be limited to:

Colt & Brett Stava, Chris Woodrow, Aaron and Josh Armstrong, Jeremy Boot, Dan Wright, Dusty & Travis Lorette, Billy Fritsen, Travis Helland, Tyler Rovatti, Jonathan Hunt, Kendall StaceSmith, Trent Davis, Syd Spracklin and Keith Movold and Dylan Sidoni in goal.  Coaches were Frank Pyde, Jerry Kurka and Rick Spracklin.

Puck drops at 8:00pm on Saturday, should be a full house so get there early…bring the kids!  There will be 9 home games at $10 each for adults.  Season tickets are $75/9 games, available at credit union and The View.

Let’s fill the arena and kick Kitimat’s butt…Rampage lost 2-1 in a shootout last Sunday, definitely an indication of the talent this team has!!

Anyone if Mackenzie still has a team this season - what with all the industry shutting down up there? 

According to, the league is:

Prince Rupert Rampage
Terrace River Kings
Kitimat Ice Demons
Hazelton Wolverines

Smithers Steelhead
Houston Luckies
Omineca Ice
Williams Lake Stampeders

And thanks for the roster Pureheart, that’s exactly the info I was looking for.

Central Interior Hockey League website has not been updated much.  The home page does have the latest news and game highlights.  The schedule is up to date and scores of games played are listed.  The chat forum has some interesting comments from fans and critics.

The team sites have not been updated yet …speaking of team sites, I think the Rampage is still looking for someone to help put a website together…anyone interested?

Is there anywhere in town I can buy a sweater for the Rampage? I have to go to Houston soon and I haz gotsta show me colourz !!

I like supporting local teams so I’m going to try and make it to some of the games. What the hell is up with the logo though? Could they have picked something that has less to do with Prince Rupert?

I swear I saw a Rhinoceros in front of zellers the other day

I haven’t heard anything…how was the game?  What was the score?  Was it sold out? 

score was 4-2 for Kitimat, great game, great crowd and super support

Check the Northern View on HTMF for a recap of the game.       

The arena was packed, standing room only…sold out I hear!!  Fans were waiting to  buy tickets at six oclock.  Trying to get a couple of outlets in town for presales, will post locations when confirmed.  Season tickets at $75 for 8 more home games is still a bit of a bargain…save $5.00 and walk right in!

Everyone, including the fans from Kitimat, were impressed with the Rampage…they will be a contender in the League, great improvement from game 1 to game 3.  Things to work on and more practice time would help.  Heard they are getting flack from the City Rec Department over practice ice time, not a lot of cooperation…1 hour a week, 11 at night!!

Next weekend with 2 games against Houston, 8pm Saturday night and 11am Sunday should be another huge crowd.  Be there for a fun time!

The Rampage have a heck of a lot more ice time than 1 hour a week!! They have had practices at least 3 times a week until their opening game.  That might change once Rec League starts, but there are more than just them fighting for ice time. 

Minor Hockey, the Figure Skating Club, Ladies Hockey, Rec Hockey, and the Civic Centre’s programs are all fighting for the same ice time.  With only one arena in town, it’s not going to get any easier.

Maher can sponsor a new arena anytime though :smile:

Heard that last week they only had practice ice on Thursday at 1045pm and had to clear the arena by midnight…that would be 1 hour and get the hell out or there would be hell to pay from the Rec Dept.

I thought the Rampage had a fantastic game and that it was close the whole way through.

It was like de ja vu at the rink on Saturday Night.  I swear I could see the Halibut Kings on the ice. It was good hockey full crowd and the chips n gravy were flying out of the canteen.  Next Sunday’s game is at 1:00pm not 11 am.  The rec mgr is not giving these guys much ice time.  ( except at 1 1/2 rates after midgnight charging for a full hour rather than only the first 15 minutes.  I know the rec center needs to make money but lets be reasonable about this.  A lot of people have worked hard to get this team going, lots of sponsorship and support from the local citzzens.  I would hate to see it not work out because the rec director is being a fat head.
Congrats to all the organizing committee and the players and coaches it was wroth the $10 investment.

Agreed, it was an awesome game. And It was even more exciting when the only fight of the game, happened right in front of where I was sitting. :laughing:

Maxwell said:  Next Sunday’s game is at 1:00pm not 11 am.

I’ve got season tickets and my ticket says 11:00AM…might be a courtesy to Houston as they have a 5 hour drive home.

Hoping for lots of advertising, would hate people to miss a game because they assumed 1:00pm.

SORRY  it is at 11am I was in the wrong week on the PRMHA ice schedule