Prince Rupert population growing

According to the recent population & housing study done in June of this year, the population of Prince Rupert is at 13,766 people. That is an increase of 1,258 people over the 2011 census number of 12,508.

If you factor in the temporary shadow population estimates of 521 people, Prince Rupert is currently sustaining a population of 14,287…this does not include Port Edward, Dodge/Crippen Cove/Metlakatla or Port Simpson populations that are also very reliant on Prince Rupert services.

BC Stats has the population of the city under 12,000 people @ 11,918.

What is concerning is funding levels from the province and federal governments are not adequately addressing the total population as of 2015 numbers. Hopefully this is something the city will be pushing with both levels of government.


I guess concensus do not lie , but I’m hard pressed to believe that th population of Prince Rupert has grown by that much.Just seems to me that a lot of people are still bailing on this town saddly .

Sounds about right. I’m noticing an increase of traffic around downtown in the last several months, so getting around town do require a bit more patience now.

yeah even the odd traffic jam lol…

I believe the population increase to be true as well…vacancy rates are hovering near 0% for apartments/condos/townhouses, social housing is at zero percent vacancy, traffic downtown and leading in and out has been noticeably busier over the last year and a bit, school district is also reporting slight increases to student registrations this year. The city appears to be bustling lately and I have noticed many new faces around the city.

Outside of the cannery, no major industry has shut down, in fact expansions at Fairview have caused them to increase their employment base, Prince Rupert Grain seems to be on a steady employment rise judging by the number of job advertisements they seem to have in the local papers. Despite the slowdown at the coal terminal, apparently they have not had one layoff yet.