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[quote]Shaun Stevenson is standing on a bluff above Prince Rupert, British Columbia. The cobalt waters of the Inside Passage stretch below. To the north and south, mountains rise from the water, their steep slopes rain-forest green, then erupting with jagged rock above the timberline. The 14,000-person town itself harbors a stolid brick courthouse, a huddle of shops along Cow Bay, and the new $12 million cruise-ship dock, which Stevenson—the director of business development for Prince Rupert’s port—helped bring here.

“We’re going to do this right,â€[/quote]

Nice article.

Must be a slow news week.

You do realize that the sunken gardens is an ongoing project and one that requires a lot of work each year to keep it improving. I’m not surprized to hear some mulch was there. As for being turned down. If you plan to practice what you preach all you need to do is walk around some of these areas picking up garbage.


Little things like this, that are just a matter of putting in a little extra time and effort and yes, before anyone says, well what did you do, I asked the Society if they could use a few pairs of extra hands and I was declined. I would love to volunteer some time around town “beautifying” our :Eden" I have even suggested the area in front of the new cruise ship dock, the hill that is covered in weeds, across from Mariners be seeded with wildflowers in the early spring and that offer was scoffed at.


Hmmm, not sure who you chatted with as far as volunteering your services, my understanding of the way things are here is that anyone that shows the slightest interest in volunteering is gobbled up instantly and held hostage for a few years, until the thought of volunteering is slowly drained from your body.

In other words, they’re so desperate for new help in a number of things in this town that it seems insane that anyone would turn you down.

Check back with someone else, I think Andree at one time was in charge of the work posse’s around town that tried to clean up things as best they could, I’m sure if you have a green thumb and are willing to as you say get some elbow grease working they’ll find a place for you. There’s the annual flowerbox campaign just as spring gets underway and the always in need of help out at the graveyard to try and keep it in some semblance of order.

It seems that in a lot of the volunteer groups, soccer, hockey, basketball etc, it’s always the same old folks year after year doing the best they can, hoping somebody else steps up and shares the load.

So keep plugging away there, somebody somewhere is going to take you up on  your offer…