Prince rupert needs help this winter

I agree with joy thorklson we need to act fast and get Gary coons and Nathan on
the phones and banging doors,this fishing season is really bad and the ministers
on the feds and the province need to step up.

Joy Thorklson’s job is to represent the fishermen (fisher people or fishers I guess is more politically correct), so she is going to be a bit biased towards govt helping out.  After all, she wants to make it look like she’s doing her job so she has money comng in, even if the people she represents don’t.
What’s the govt going to do.  Make Fish. Over extend the quotas.
Fisher people are always asking for more fish mid season, then say that too much was caught last season and it’s the govts fault during the winter.
Let DFO set the numbers with science and not political pressure. Leave the politiians out of it and let supply and demand take care of the fishery.  That’s what happens in every other industry in Canada.
Someone running a corner store doesn’t get govt assistance cause the weather was crappy one summer and they didn’t sell any ice cream.
Fishing has it’s ups and downs, just like any business.  If you don’t put some away in the good years, you should be out of luck during the bad.

fishing has been going downhill for years . these people need to realize they need to use their ei for schooling instead of sitting on their ass in the winter milking ei waiting for the next fish season.

im sure you can make more working at mcdonalds all year round instead of just 2 months or whatever. or they could be a seasonal employee at the ferries or just move to find a job.  not like there hasnt been any warning the industry is dying. moved here 10 years ago been listening to joy and others whine the whole time.

hey decker, i bet a whole bunch of people jump ya for suggesting they move or take other jobs than cannery jobs but i agree, its a dying industry and waiting around all year for casual work isn’t really justifiable in these crunching economic times.  The DFO needs to crack down on the Charter fishing and sporties…just spend one afternoon at Rushbrook and see the overfishing as they load their freezers up, ya, freezers in the backs of trucks.  They overfish and I have also witnessed First Nations catching and selling fish when they are only supposed to food fish.  The commercial guys have had the hammer over their heads for a few years with very limited openings, next to no fish when they do open, cameras on board to ensure they follow regulations, they do their part…but they aren’t the ones responsible for overfishing.  Consider how long it takes a cod to grow I am amazed we have any ground fish left out there.  Having said this i guess the chance of someone gifting me a black cod is getting smaller huh?  lol…

When Canadian Fishermen watch american boats fishing just over the AB line. The Alskans are fishing stocks headed for Canadian waters and streams and Fisheries and Oceans will not let the Canadians fish the same fish, something is terribly wrong.

We need to take care of our fisherman and shoreworkers,they gave the east coast
1 billion in aid I’m sure they can help the west coast to.

nobody has jumped me yet lol. i tell people i know that work in the industry all the time that whine.time to look elsewhere if theres no work pretty simple

I’m not sure I agree with you that laziness is the issue, but I do think that at the end of the day this is the kind of thing that one should expect if they go into a seasonally based profession reliant on the good will of Mother Nature.

Should small business owners get money from the federal government because of the recession? I’m sure some businesses in Cow Bay are going to suffer as a result of the poor cruise ship season.

We need to act faster on getting help for the fisherman and shoreworkers,the city needs to set up emercancy meetings
with the ministry and nathan and gary coons asp.

[quote=“ajaye46”]We need to act faster on getting help for the fisherman and shoreworkers,the city needs to set up emercancy meetings
with the ministry and nathan and gary coons asp.[/quote]

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