Prince Rupert Moms

Wodering if there are some Moms in town who would like to start a group to get together once a month or so?

Welcome to PR - I’ll leave the welcome to htmf to Mig…How old are your kids?

I have a pre-teen and am willing to grasp at ANY straw to keep my sanity (what remains of it  :astonished: )

I know a gathering of parents-o-toddlers may have very different needs from a gathering of parents-o-tweens. For instance, parents-o-tweens may wish to meet at a pub  :smiley:

I had to give you a karma point for that post!

some moms with younger children gather at the growing space in the ocean centre mall on a daily basis.  That would be a good place to start, IMO.

I have both, toddlers and teen. I have been to the growing space a few times, my son loves it. I haven’t been to any of the pubs yet though :smile: