Prince Rupert in Poverty?

Everywhere i look… theres stories about Prince Rupert in poverty and how they’re expecting long welfare lineups… Its pretty depressing, and to be honest, im sick of hearing people blaiming everyone else that they dont have a job.  Welcome to Alberta, where they cant find enough people to fill the job possitions.  In fact theres a labour shortage crisis.  So packup you stuff and head on over… I know, I know, I miss Prince Rupert, and I’m sure theres alot of you out there that are attached to the rain as well… Mostly though I miss the fresh moist sea air.  But hey, when you find a job the day after arriving here, and you see your first pay check you wonder to yourself… Why the hell didnt i do this sooner.

Just reading your post  and yes I agree that we are in bad shape in this community , but does the Daily Snooze lie , are we not going to suddenly or in the near future be into living with all these wonderful thing which Herbie promised ? Everything always looks so good on paper or in the papers . Kind of like all these fn. studies and meetings , more paperwork and dust collecters in so idiots boardroom . But , In Herb I Trust . Not .

I think things will quickly turn positive when the Container port issue is fairly settled.  People need to get to the table and sort this out.  A viable Container port (without the threat of court action) will boost our economy.
I am hopeful that this will be settled soon.

You are reading to much of that propaganda coming out of the snooze , The Provincial Liberals shit I even hate tyuping their name never mind saying , anyway they say there is a big turn around for BC. but in realityt we will not be seeing much of this in the North . We are being put on hold while everyone gets rich in Victoria , Vancouver and not in parts unknown . I would like to see our so called local city government step out and take a walk on the wild side or is this not Glamoures  enough for the Jet setter .

alberta can suck the air out of my ass…

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The Tyee has put together a pretty good story on the issue of poverty in Prince Rupert and that perception that the Container Port will be a panacea for all of our ills.

Well worth the read…

There sure does seem to be alot riding on the Container Port these days. This is going to be the “saviour” of the entire northern region, Prince George and Terrace expect big things, and by the sounds of it many people see this as a way of putting to rest the  problem of First Nations in this area. Pretty lofty expectations if you ask me.

The container port is going to happen in short order. Can’t pull an Enbridge and decide to put it off for four or five more years…
You should check out the Fort. Council has been touting the Mt Milligan mine, it’s going to open shortly and bring hundreds of jobs and make the economy boom. Such a good one, every council has used it since I moved here in '88. The latest round of rumours caused a real estate surge over the summer.
Meanwhile the taxi went tits up, the last actual ‘restaurant’ folded, Shell shut down and Shoppers Food pulled out.
The LCB now shuts down at 5 and 7 Fridays and for an hour in the middle of the day, but that’s just the El Gordo politics of shutting down gov’t and forcing privatization, not the economy.

How the fuck is the container port going to help the people in the area unless they go down a get a job or start an ancillary business that relates to it?

I dont get why people would think the port is going to help poverty… the same broke ass not working hanging out downtown chump slump slack bitches are going to be repping the same scene when the port is booming and employing and supporting a 50,000 person community.

Prince Rupert will never get 40 thousand population, not in our life time anyways, and the container port is all hype how many people does it take to run a container port, a few hundred. this town needs to take its head out of its ass, during the peter Lester years the city with a ego the size of Vancouver never let big business come in and only relied on the pulp mill way too much.

I on the other hand think we should have some sort of theme park, like a fort or a first nation type of park, authentic buildings, carving, food, dress, employing first nation people.  I believe there is a plan in place to do this.  .

Also eco tourism seems like a great idea, one that would cater to all types of people and not just the rich; we have a lot to offer in our area.

It’s too bad we rely so heavily on seasonal types of jobs, tourism and resource based activities. The container port will at least diversify this a bit so maybe the ancillary businesses we should look at are drug dealing, prostistution or gambling? just a thought these are not seasonal are they?

As for the idea of the Drug dealing , we have enough drug dealing happening in this town and some of the vultures are owning their little coverup establishments , take you blinders off and see the havoc that it is doing to our young and middle aged citizens . I am not talking Pot here but we have buried far too many in this town and everybody wants to be a dealer . We do have the prostitution happening in many parts of this community , chck the streets and some of the teen scene . Well gambeling , shit wait till that piece of property next to the Crest opens , it will distroy so many more that your drug dealers may have nissed . I still can not believe this City Council went with that one as they did and after so many people stood against the idea. That is not poverty it is called Social Pollution next comes more poverty.

I guess I was trying, sarcasticly to put light on these issues, the container port and any other developement will make these activities even harder to deal with by making them stronger forms of revenue for the “pushers.” The fact that these are already big problems sheds light on the situation in the North and Prince Rupert.

I love irony!

In the old Soviet Union there was a newspaper called Pravda. Pravda in Russian means “truth”. No one in the Soviet Union believed the newspaper printed truth.

In the so-called “free” world, it seems we want to believe that newspapers print “the Truth”. However the fact of the matter is that newspapers print only what people say. The reporter checks the truthfulness of the statement and his accuracy at recording the utterance and that it isn’t libelous. (This is my own way of reading newspapers, so don’t correct me on this).

So, go ahead … shoot the messenger.

we finally agree on something bro.  The copuncil in that town fucked every possible addict hard by green lighting that casino.  i had pond on the radio show i used to host there and called him to task, i also went to the ‘public forum’ which was a fuckken joke, and held him to it, and they couldn’t  defent thier decison, in fact, i would bet everything that thy had that letter of support drwan up long before they asked the people what they thought.  there was a lind up out the door of objection from the town, and they didn’t listen to a god damn word.  I understand that they are desperate for money, but they sold out rupert, and in a bad way.  that port is being set up to benifit the big business of western canada, not the people of rupert.  rupert is just the land, nothingmore. 

Prince Rupert will never get 40 thousand population, not in our life time anyways, and the container port is all hype how many people does it take to run a container port, a few hundred. [/quote]

I love people who speak in absolutes when they have nothing to back it up. (Almost as much as I love reading about Rollins’ latest conspiracy theory)

How do we know what kind of population growth will happen? We don’t. It could be huge it could be hardly a bump. Just remember though… a few hundred to work the port, more customs, more people to move the products, new businesses, each of those people bringing families with them. Before you know it a “few hundred” build to a few thousand. We’ll of course need new things to support them as well, houses built etc… It could easilly spiral into some huge growth… or not. Only time will tell.


Don’t forget the housing for the drug cops, and of course the hells angels will need some housing for their members. The port will be great for the city.  :wink:

Well if you’re going to measure how great we’re doing by the number of criminals we house, we aren’t doing that great right now either.  :stuck_out_tongue: