Prince Rupert Gas Price

$104.9 at chevron Friday 15th AM, so at least we are moving in the right direction


Its 97.9 in Terrace, then at Safeway you get the discount on top of that.

Today at Costco

I noticed today that gas at Chevron is 99.9. When was the last time it was this low ?

This morning it is 95.9 at Chevron.

74.9 at Costco in PG today, they just cut the price in the Fort PetroCan to 89.9 a couple hours ago.
But oil went up a bit today, so did the dollar… should go back to $1.49 within hours!

Finally got to take advantage of that cheap gas yesterday. Visited my daughter in PG and the massive lineup was gone after we went for Vietnamese dinner.
$41.25 to fill the Jeep, I remember spending almost $75 in Terrace a year or so ago.

$0.91/L at the pumps today.

And now it’s 89 cents a litre for an 87 octane petro.

Time for this topic to be brought up again. How the HELL do they justify this large of price increase?? I gassed up for 112.9 last Thursday and I see Chevron today is selling at 139.9. Freak’n ridiculous.

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I would agree. Griped when it went to 119.9 in the Fort and I gassed up at Costco in PG for 98.9 the same day… now Costco’s up to 110,9, don’t know if it ot raised at home yet.
136.9 in 100 Mile (Supersave was still 119.9) 126.9 in the Valley and 144.9 in Metro Vanc.
No hurricanes, shortages, shutdowns, wars, dropping dollar or rising oil prices to blame it on. Obviously they knew I was driving down for a wedding and they’d probably print that as an excuse… they will use any excuse, even none at all

Same ole story.

No competition at the wholesale level. They will charge what they can, as long as it doesn’t mean you’ll buy from another wholesaler.

I’m glad I filled up at the Terrace Petro-Can where it was still 115.9.

I was filling up today in Abbotsford, where mainlanders go for cheap gas. $1.269
While I was filling up I saw the main sign on the station blink, and then it was $136.9.
Dime a litre jump on gas already in the station’s storage tank.
Egghhhh when I was a kid they had a Consumer Affairs department…

A buck thirty three at Chevron this morning.

Yeah, I remember the days of 50 cents a gallon too… though that 50 cents a gallon translated into streams I can no longer drink from, a brown, sludgy sky instead of the brilliant blue of my childhood, and oil-slicks in every single puddle… gas prices too high? How about paying the real price, the un-subsidized price of $15.++ per gallon and a return to drinkable water, edible fish, and blue skies? Chevy had a perfectly viable electric car in 1977. Today, in urban areas, a $2000 electric golf-cart would be more than sufficient for running around town, insurance costs would drop due to lower speeds and less costly settlements. Living in Europe during the sixties and seventies, If I wanted to go to the lake, I hoped on a bus and was there just as quickly or quicker than by automobile. If I wanted to get up into the alpine for the day, I hoped on a bus, then a train, then a cable-car and within 40 minutes I was in the alpine… and that was from the center of a city the size of Prince George. I agree we’re gettin’ ripped off, but it’s not the gas prices… People go shopping in Terrace from Rupert, via rail runs a passenger service with two passenger cars being pulled by a locomotive capable of pulling a hundred cars - at what, five-grand a day? I see Qualicum Beach is doing a pilot project on having golf-carts in the community. An electric golf-cart costs almost nothing to operate… Pls, don’t give me any bull-twaddle about high gas prices. Look at your life-style choices instead - while you still can.

Do the smart thing… add another buck or two per gallon municipal levy to fuel so the township has money to work with and turn this town into something to be proud of.

I remember those gas prices too. And I remember when they added 5-7c a litre for the “cost” of switching to unleaded.
The refinery I worked at laughed all the way to the bank - the newer equipment meant they could make unleaded gas for less than leaded in the old section.
It isn’t the cost of oil or the cost of refining or air quality regs that have driven up the prince, it’s greed of the oil companies. And the stupid bastards where I grew up in Burnaby who didn’t like smelly refineries, so instead of cleaning them up closed them down, pissed away thousands of good jobs and now import gasoline from the USA.
Because they pay $1.49 it proves YOU can pay $1.49 too, that your gas is Alberta oil refined in Edmonton or Prince George means dick. What the market will bear means everything.

We just returned from a road trip to Edmonton and was surprised to see that Rupert’s gas prices are the 2nd cheapest with only PG being cheaper.

As I said, the idiots in Vancouver are paying $1.60 so they know people in Edmonton and Montreal will pay the same too. Whining about it doesn’t hurt their cash flow in the least.
We’re now paying in the Fort - if you take off their 17.5 cents transit tax, 2.5 cents MORE than Vancouverites.