Prince Rupert Game Development Community 1st meet-up: Dec 14

[size=150]First Meetup: Saturday Dec 14th at the Library multipurpose room, 2:30PM - 5:00PM[/size]

The Prince Rupert Game Development Community is a group of people who are either actively involved or interested in getting involved in game development, who get together regularly to share their knowledge, organize projects and otherwise help each other out.

All levels of experience are welcome!

If you’ve ever been interested in:
-Game Design
-Level Design
-Visual Art (2D, 3D, Animation)
Or any other discipline and would like to put it to use in making a video game, join the community!

Making games can a challenging endeavor, but if we work together and pool our resources, we can make our dreams come true!

Interested but don’t know how to begin? Not to worry! Come to the first meet-up and watch a presentation that will show you how to start making a game right away!

You are not affiliated with the NSA, CSIS or Canadian CSEC, for recruitment purposes are you?

LOL really!!!

Oh conspiracy theorists… :unamused:

If we built the surveillance into the games themselves, the NSA wouldn’t have an excuse to play them, and that would be unacceptable.

This sounds cool. Are there any upcoming meet-ups?

Did this ever go anywhere? I am kind of interested. Are there game developers in PR, what levels? Sounds cool.