Prince Rupert Flouride

The 2016 water report states that “fluoride is currently not added to prince rupert’s water supply” due to the fact the fluoride injection system is out of service … waiting to be repaired or upgraded …
Other townships have entirely ceased fluoridation since science has revealed fluoride in drinking water is one of the causes of lowered IQ scores.
Is prince rupert planning to replace the old injection system with an expensive new system before acknowledging the scientific findings?


The 70s called, and they want their conspiracy theory back.


LOL too funny that fact has been totally disproved fluoride does not cause low IQ
that BS fact is just as insane as vaccinations causes autism

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Never heard the IQ one before. I thought everyone already knew flouridated water was a commie plot to steal your precious body fluids.
!!! OMG !!!
Everybody stop brushing your teeth right now before you turn into a drooling idiot!

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So one part per million or thereabouts seems to be the ideal ratio to prevent tooth decay. Some places actually have much more than that level occurring naturally, and in those places, they need to remove fluoride as part of their municipal fluoridation systems.

Calgary and Edmonton are a good contrast. Calgary stopped fluoridation, and a few years later is seeing more and more tooth decay, especially with poorer and younger people. Contrast with Edmonton, where they still fluoridate. There’s been a significant increase in tooth decay in Calgary, but not in Edmonton (especially with the poor and young people).

Now it’s an election issue in Calgary.

Meanwhile, the level of fluoride we’re talking about is orders of magnitude less than what you’d get from just brushing your teeth. So next time a conspiracy theory guy tells you that fluoride is bad for you, don’t smell their breath.

Netcome61 has some interesting points.

Funny how so many of the regular contributors have jumped in to support the traditional nanny state. Municipal water supplies are nothing more than a government tax grab to which everyone is obligated to contribute.

What about free choice…water distribution should be opened up to private enterprise. They can do a better job of providing choice. What’s wrong with a person choosing and paying to drink water without fluoride? Or leaded water (after all its’ been in our schools for the last twenty years). Or water with a shot of whiskey? Certainly free enterprise has shown us the potential: water with flavor; water with vitamins; caffeine infused water – the possibilities are limitless. Bet with all those options very few people will choose fluoride. And look at the potential spin-offs: water delivery systems, personal water storage units, well-digging will revive!

As for children and tooth decay – that’s a side issue. If parents chose not to take care of the dental health of their offspring what right has the government to interfere?

Deregulate the system, open it up to free enterprise and, for the good of all, give free enterprise grants to develop options. Stop the tax grab.

As for the whole autism issue: don’t get me started on how nanny state governments world wide closed ranks to discredit that profoundly significant research. More private enterprise medical care I say.


hate to say it but the ingredient that they say cause autism in vacinations hasn’t been used for decades so another hoax by some nuts

This thread is hilarious. Heh-heh.

I think they should be putting Tang in the municipal water supply. To go with the Pizza Pockets.

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So, Jabber 63 if the chemical that causes autism has been banned for decades….why is autism being recognized in even greater numbers?

Tang, the orange juice of astronauts? Right, next you’re going to tell us that old fairy tale about a moon walk (other than M. Jackson’s) really taking place…you can do better falling for that special effects yarn!

Sounds like they don’t need Tang. Some people prefer drinking the KoolAid

…" especially in poor and young people" … Don’t suppose this might have something to do with diet? As in rents were so ridiculously high that the only money left for food was sufficient for Ramen instant noodles and Kraft dinner, whereas the high income earners dined on fresh, organically crown meats and vegies…

Insofar as privatization: Great idea. Lets take that which belongs to everybody, and give it to a select few. And with that, lets remove those great, high-paying city union jobs, then let those who now “privately” own the resource skim 80% of the income from the resource/service, put that into the pocket of those who keep their money offshore, and make those unionized positions minimum wage jobs with no security, no benefits, no future. Income disparity is, after all, a wonderful social boon.

Vaccinations are safe… ??? Likely some are. However, tell that to the kids who are developmentally delayed due to “safe vaccinations”.

@chien22 Wouldn’t you expect the autism numbers to decrease after the removal of thiomersal in 2002 if thiomersal was causing autism?

As for the moon landing:

@chien22 I don’t think you’re allowed to keep any fish that you catch with a barbed hook :slight_smile:

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Re :Autism … note to us men …don’t keep your cell phone close to your balls …

Keeping it stuck to our ears seems to have dulled the brains to make people believe some of this shit.
Just saw huge FB thread on the evils of the flu shot. Turns you into a giant beating heart like A bomb radiation did in the old B&W horror movies or something.

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Thank you. Well said.

ppl think just because it is on the internet it is true, ppl will believe just about anything on the internet without doing due diligence, ie: Donald Trumps lies on twitter, after all that is how he got elected fake facts on the internet

A couple of responses and a serious request for information:

If thiomersal was removed…yes. But was it or was it rebranded: like Old Spice from a warning that a senior was nearby to a signal a testosterone charged adolescent is fantasizing in your vicinity; Apple and the brilliant rebranding by Steve Jobs; Bruce to Caitlyn?

As for the moon landing: 2001 A Space Odyssey (if you can get beyond the anti creationist rant in the beginning) is a much more convincing and appealing depiction of space travel (released in 1968) than the 1969 seriously flawed NASA television special (although that appears to be much more lasting and convincing that H.G. Wells War of the Worlds radio broadcast).

The D:
If we can’t keep the phone near either our balls or brains, then the only other possibility that pops to mind involves an incessant amount of bending over to retrieve/put away our phones. Any suggestions?


Fake News!

Beyond the frivolity – a serious question:

With the flu season hype about to be released soon has anybody been able to source any information on the spiraling increase in late on-set autism amongst seniors and chronic health patients receiving the free government provided vaccine. I’d appreciate any information. Needless to say the government is subverting any discussion of the issue.

When you see some old guy with a football helmet and cane banging his head against the porch rail while he yells “Get off my lawn!”, do tell us.