Prince Rupert Fire/Rescue working on fire at Bowling Alley

Jesus, you’re a card.
Seriously? You guys couldn’t figure out he was trolling you? Really?
Maybe I’ve just been here too long.

Since when has being full of shit a spectator sport? He tosses out bullshit to get a rise and gets applause from the crowd. Yeah, what a card.

No more bullshit than you or any other poster throws out there. Whats your point?

I am not for any number of reasons going to even attempt to figure out Jesus, and this is certainly a bit off the original topic, but here goes.

What is the difference between trolling and satire? And I suppose the answer is intent.

PLA mentioned SaltyBear who in the past has raised the issue of volunteer fire departments and the extravagance of Rupert having its own paid for fire department. Most people on here have defended our fire department. Jesus comes on sounding very much like someone who hates the paid for fire department and points out the department’s shortcomings.

People, as in the past, rise to the defense of our fire department until CrazyMike points out that Jesus is trolling. Now only Jesus can answer this question. Was he making fun of the people who in the past have criticized our fire department and in his hyperbolic criticism is pointing out the silliness of their point of view (satire and pretty good satire at that) or was he just trying to stir us all up (trolling, and pretty good trolling because it worked)?

I could go on but I am afraid that would involve trying to figure Jesus out. Not going to try.

Wow its almost like you exercised logic And critical thinking without acting emotionally first.

I was looking at the paper and see the bowling alley just sold. Fishy indeed!

I find it odd that one can use said logic and critical thinking in discussion and get flamed and ridiculed yet someone else can offer a bunch of factless bullshit just to get a rise our of others all while being applauded for it. Which begs the question, is this discussion or entertainment?

[quote=“Crazy Train”]
I find it odd that one can use said logic and critical thinking in discussion and get flamed and ridiculed yet someone else can offer a bunch of factless bullshit just to get a rise our of others all while being applauded for it. Which begs the question, is this discussion or entertainment?[/quote]

Interesting question and a perhaps a good one for a discussion. Why do people comment on a public forum like HTMF? And is the level of discussion here any different from other sites?

I will offer up a personal example. About a month ago I posted my take on the teacher strike after reading an article on one of the Vancouver online newspapers. And on this site you had to sign in with facebook so it wasn’t quite as anonymous as here.

I wanted to emphasize the class size and composition issue which I felt was being pushed to the side.

I wasn’t being particularly provocative except by taking a side. And I tried to use supporting evidence to make my point.

The first response accused me of having an IQ of 10 for believing what I had written with nothing to support his contention.

The second accused me of being a union hack for believing what I had written but gave no supporting evidence or counter argument.

I decided to respond to both by suggesting that it would be a better discussion if we quit the name calling and discussed the issue and I reiterated my position.

Heard nothing back from the first two but a third called me a hypocrite for being opposed to name calling while being OK with passing on false information again with no evidence or counter argument and when I asked him what misleading information he was referring to he accused me of not understanding that the court’s decision was under appeal and how I didn’t understand the appeal process when my original post clearly indicated that I did understand that.

I am not suggesting my arguments were perfect but those three people had nothing to offer except insults so what was their purpose for posting. If I had made the same post here, I might have received some teacher bashing comments but there would also have been some reasonably intelligent counter arguments as well.

So what is the purpose of this post. I guess I am defending HTMF. Yes there is a lot of BS on here. But there is a lot of BS anywhere. (Well except the Economist where reading the comments after an article on the BC carbon tax of all things, I felt I was reading a discussion by multiple BTravenns).

For the most part, I post because I have a point to make and hopefully it may convince somebody to think likewise or I post because I am interested in a topic and I am curious about what others have to say. Other people will have their own reasons for posting and some of it may just be to stir us up. But I keep coming back not because I expect to be educated per se (which I have been) but because as a group we can be pretty entertaining.

If you are here for discussion don’t expect it to be the level of a university seminar. I figure we are more like the table at a bar after a couple of hours or maybe the House of Commons during Question Period.

Hang in there DWhite. I enjoy your posts.

Sadly, HTMF has not lived up to its potential. It is a bit like reading day-time TV. Something you do, but you hesitate to admit it. Vacuous comments on most matters. Occasionally, an gem of a idea or comment but the occurrence is as frequent as a tanker grounding. But, so it goes… (my apologies to KV).

I never realized how crooked the building as on that lot before this pic! Has anyone seen a more recent photo of the roof since the fire stopped? Has it been torn down yet?

I spent A LOT of my childhood at Totem Lanes and coached a lot of cool kids as well. Unfortunately though, as soon as it closed July 1 2010, I knew it would never re-open. Let’s hope the town booms and someone builds a brand new one!

It hasn’t been torn down yet. Bigger eyesore now.