Prince Rupert Church in need of urgent repairs!

A local Prince Rupert Church needs help - Anglican Church is in desperate need for fundraising. Their roof is leaking very badly and they recorded a short video, which is on their facebook community page for fundraising or on Youtube:

I am not a member of this church, but I will definitely offer my help, as a resident of Prince Rupert. Everyone has known/or knows someone who has attended this church. Hopefully they can raise enough money to stop further damage and start repairs. Monetary donations over $10 will be issued a receipt for tax purposes

The Cathedral Church of St Andrew,
The Diocese of Caledonia
200 4th Avenue West,
Prince Rupert, BC V8J 1P3

We currently have a LOONIE AUCTION happening on Thursday, October 30th, 2014 at the Nisga’a Hall @ 5 p.m. - Join us if you can :smile:
Donations are being accepted and they will have a canteen going also.

We need your help Prince Rupert!

-Food for canteen and prize donations greatly appreciated.
-set up will be at 4pm
-seeking volunteers

for more information, Contact: Sabrina Clifton at
Camila Haines at

Thursday @ 5 pm. Check out donations and raffle. Everyone welcomed :smile: