Prince Rupert Chamber

I’m working for the Prince Rupert Chamber of Commerce and I am doing work on their website:

How do I get it to come up on Google?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Well, that’s one way :wink:

You need links to your website in order for Google to like it… One way is to do exactly what you’re doing now.

also there web crawler thing is realy good in a few days to a week after i did my page there were links in google same with yahoo and msn…

So…what you’re saying is that in order for me to get Google to love my site:…I need to post a lot. :open_mouth:

You should have sites like this:
(see bottom)

To link to

Submit your site to be crawled by Google. Submit it at least once a week for the next month or so. You can also submit it manually to all the other search engines (Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, MSN, etc). Avoid paying a service to “submit your sites for you”.

Keep your content on the site new and fresh. To simplify, Google does page rankings according to relevance and linking. Make sure as many sites as possible link to yours. Have a link from the City’s page, Citytel, BC Chamber Assn, etc.

And make sure that your META tags on your site contain relevant keywords. Like “Prince Rupert”, “Chamber”, etc.

[quote=“dylan”]You should have sites like this:
(see bottom)

To link to[/quote]

Many of these sites now charge to have you “linked”. I’m sure the Chamber pays association fees to several organizations that can do this for them.

Seriously, Google loves HTMF.

Take a look at this search for “prince rupert chamber”:

Scroll down and you’ll see that HTMF is already on there, thanks to your mention of it. So you need to find lots of sites that google loves, and get them to link to you, then your pagerank will go up too.

Every other trick doesn’t work (and there’s lots of evidence that it will lower your pagerank if you try to “game” pagerank).

Proof that even Google loves HTMF!