Prince Rupert bus fares increasing on July 1

People planning to take the bus to tomorrow’s Canada Day celebrations can expect to pay a little bit more as fares for the Prince Rupert Transit System increase on July 1. … 19159.html

Really is sad the communication from City Hall and media. Although the article indicated the prices were approved last year, there was no notification to the public the prices were going up. Very sad!!

I nearly choked when I read this. Bus passes have gone from $ 32 to $ 48 since June 2010…someone check my Math, but this is a 50 % increase…for the same crappy service that stops running at 6:30 pm, and does not run at all on Sundays. Another money grab aimed at those who least can afford it, or who were trying to ‘be part of the solution’.

Well, I guess I’ll be walking from now on. At least I’ll get my exercise, and I’ll be able to save on the fees for the Rec Center…the other pay-more-for-cr*p city revenue stream.

Just read this to my dad and he’s not impressed. He said he’s been paying $2, he’s a senior, because that’s what the sign says when you get on the on bus. The bus driver never mentioned anything or offered any change. When your on disability, every penny counts. So not impressed. Clearly communication is a problem.

Ok the notification was published last year regarding the increase of usage of the transit. I am just upset because last week I was at City Hall and asked the staff if there was going to be an increase on bus passes and was told no. So really, why no notification to staff and nothing in the paper prior to raising the prices? Communication certainly has been a problem letting the citizens know what is going on in this town. Many do miss the Daily News and am sure if they were still here, the citizens would know more about what is happening in this city.