Prince Rupert AVARICE Part I

I am disgusted. There are several unscrupulous families in town who have taken it upon themselves to furnish poorly suited families with Labrador Retriever puppies in order to line their pockets with filthy lucre. I have heard from a reputable source that one of our local puppy mill operators saw “C” notes everytime his bitch pushed out another puppy. I know of many families who thought a lab puppy would be perfect for the kiddies. Unfortunately, many people are ignorant of a young lab’s high energy level. Also, like many purebreeds, labs are prone to certain medical conditions; the least expensive being allergies and urinary tract infections in female pups. The bills add up quickly. What about training, food, flea and parasite prevention, the mess, spay/neuter, etc? The initial $500.00 spent on the puppy is the cheapest part of owning a young lab. That’s why so many labs end up in shelters. A young family who live close by have been fortunate enough to buy one of these black labs. Cutest ball of fur ever. Unfortunately, by all outward appearances they appear to exist on the verge of poverty. What if this dog needs expensive medical treatment? I don’t think they are in a financial position to own or care for a dog. I doubt the puppy mill considered or cared about these situations. Did they care if they bred dogs who were unfit for breeding? Do they really care for the breed? What kind of questions do the puppy mill owners ask prospective buyers concerning suitability? Their only concern was making money to spend on shit that’ll end up in the landfill. Shame on them. Shame on local business who allow these unethical and immoral shits to hang their adverts in their establishments. If you’re considering a dog from these nefarious breeders, please reconsider.

Your post is excellent.
But it makes me think about when I was a kid ( 70’s) and people in my little village owned dogs (I didn’t).  No medical stuff, no vet!  Dogs lived to 10-15 years, most of them on table leftovers.  Most were mongrels without any visits to the vet.  If a dog became mad or bit a kid, he was killed- rare event.  If a female had puppies and no one would take them, they were killed.    And you know what, most of the dogs around us seemed happy. 
Now, people buy  dogs, make them part of the family and then do all kinds of cruel things to keep them around: sterilization, choke collars, anti-bark collars, vets visit with the necessary shots. 
Did things really change for the better for man’s best friend?
My line is I like dogs too much to have one.

Hey big guy, nothing wrong with choke collars, they are useful for training. You are not supposed to actually choke the dog with it, or use them to tie a dog with either, they are to simply give a trainer the ability to quickly have the dog refocus on the task it is being taught when they become distracted. I like the term “training collar” better, as that is what they are, I am currently training a german shepherd pup with one and she behaves much better than if I dont use it, not because its hurts her in any way, she knows that when it goes on playtime is over and its time to focus on work so it has a symbolic effect too. I love my dog like she was one of my kids, I would never use a training tool that would harm her in any way and I use one. I have a breeding aggreement with her too and when she has pups in a couple years I am going to be extremely picky about who gets the pups, I would keep them all myself before I let them go into a bad home, big dogs need alot of exercise  no matter what  the weather is, and lots of love and affection. I see alot of people who have dogs that are not willing to commit the time required to give the dog the type of life it deserves. I will end this post with the quote that is from the website of the lady I got my pup from, here it is:
    He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.

its not just with labradors.
i see it everywhere with pitts
more so then labs thats for sure.

its kind of sad that these dogs are going to bad homes. but you miake it sound like its all about the amont of money in a family. my family has had pure bred labs ever since before i was born. and we are by no means a wealthy family.
shouldnt you be more concerned at wether or not the pups are going to be loved and not abused rather than how many visits to the vet its going to have

PS you make owning a labrador sound like its an expensive and laboursome thing…
i have news for you… its not… its just as involved as caring for any other dog…
you have your prioritys mixed up a little bit i think

heres my lab crashed on our new couch shortly after we got it (the couch not the dog, hes going to be ten next year)… he has to have a pillow up there before he sleeps… so cute

I have two labs. Love is of the utmost importance. I hope most of our actions stem from it. That being said, if you’re able to read this post, you know dogs require more than love. I’m sure the guy on 6th East who keeps his dog chained in the front yard day after day, rain or rain, loves his dog too, but is that any life for a big working dog? When your puppy’s pissing blood and crying, is loving it going to be enough?

“PS you make owning a labrador sound like its an expensive and laboursome thing…
i have news for you… its not… its just as involved as caring for any other dog…”

Caring for any dog or animal properly is expensive and laboursome, albeit a labour of love. Believe me, my priorities are in order.

That is a cute photo.

the point i was trying to make there was that all dogs need care… its not just labs…
there are lots of unfit familys out there that shouldnt be owning dogs…
that shouldnt be having kids… but it happens.

we take very good care of our animals. hell even the mice in the attic eat well :stuck_out_tongue:
again its a thing about awareness… maybe the SPCA should be going to these puppy mills and talking to the breeder. they used to do stuff like that… im not sure if they do anymore. i rarely see the SPCA van out anymore. anyways its not their fault.

i didnt even know there was a lab breeder in town. we got ours out in port ed.

if theyre going to end up in the SPCA and possibly euthanised maybe its time the SPCA steps in before its too late?

Heh, heh. Stupid animals.

“i didnt even know there was a lab breeder in town”

There aren’t any lab breeders in town. There are only people wanting to make a quick buck on people’s unrealistic puppy fantasies and distorted senses of nostalgia.

so really this should be…