PRINCE GEORGE - Sat, Nov 2nd - Corporations in our Heads

The messages from corporations tell us hundreds of times a day, in ways we may not notice anymore, how to relate to each other and to ourselves; what to buy, how to feel, how to perceive and the kind of person to aspire to be. Can we use the theatre to become aware of these messages, and to change our relationships to them, to live healthier and more sustainable lives with each other, with ourselves, and with the planet?

Theatre for Living (formerly known as Headlines Theatre) is making a one-night-stop in Prince George SATURDAY, NOV 2nd 2013 presenting:


This event is presented in collaboration with the Global Neighbourhood Network, the Carney Hill Neighbourhood Centre Society, Street Spirits Theatre Company and Prince George Public Interest Research Group

Come join us for this evening! This is interactive theatre, however NOBODY IS FORCED TO PARTICIPATE. Bring your curiosity, your experience, your thoughts and knowledge. There are no actors, no script, no play - everything comes out of the audience each night - so it is important who is in the room, as the subject matter comes form the audiences. See audience quotes and reviews from the event below.

When: Sat, Nov 2, 2013
Time: 7:00pm (Doors at 6:30)
Where: Canfor Lecture Theatre, UNBC, 3333 University Way, Prince George
Tickets: Admission by Donation

*Part of a BC/Alberta tour Winter 2013
For more info:

This is what audiences have been saying about the events:

“I attended Corporations in our Heads in Vancouver and left the space feeling inspired, invigorated, and connected to my community. The genuine dialogue, honest emotions, unexpected insights, and true engagement that I experienced at the theatre event are, for me, nourishment and reminder of our humanity and of our privileges and responsibilities in our world, as hollow and superficial as that world can feel sometimes. The variety of ages, lifestyles, and cultural backgrounds represented in the audience speaks to the fact that Theatre for Living is providing an opportunity for community connection and recognition that is sorely needed by all of us. Theatre for Living’s productions are entertaining, cathartic, and most of all, enriching in long-lasting ways.” Caitlin Kopperson, Oct 11, 2013

“Corporations in our Heads is an experience for you to participate in. What you will take away from is something that will make you think about how and why you buy things, how media affect you and how you might change your response to it. You will feel safe, engaged and energized by it. You have to be there to experience it and that makes this theatre of the purest kind. Go!” Jim Peskin, Oct 10, 2013

“Indeed it is theatre, as it is entertainment, but it is also intelligent, provocative and important. It makes you think as you are being entertained but it doesn’t easily let you off the hook.” Betty Gilgoff, Oct 10, 2013 (BC Teachers for Peace and Global Education)