I giggle too much to be a prankster.
But every once and a while, when my dad falls asleep and is snoring on the couch. I sneak up to him and pinch his nose.

I’ve heard some really good practical jokes. Especially the ones that you have told me Nauticalpixel. And the couple you’ve played on me.

Now here is a master prankster folks.  :smiley:

Settled down a lot in the old age. Last one was on my son’s pesky friends (they were real pranksters).
Saw them standing by the road in front of their house, they recognized my old beater truck. So I cut the ignition about 100 yards ahead and kept coasting. Clicked it on right as I rolled by and the backfire was so loud they jumped 3 feet in the air and almost shit themselves. Then I backed up and told them “gotcha!”

Pretty lame compared to my pranx with contact explosives, thermite and napalm in high school.

Here’s one for ya: Xmas for pal Hedley: we took an electric shave case, packed it with 3 1/2" Atom Crackers. Then glued 2 wooden matches together, heads outward, wound it around an elastic band on a pin and circled all the fuses and a strip of sandpaper around the matches. A pin in the lid kept it in place when the lid was closed.
His Mom was pissed when 80 firecrackers went off with all that Xmas wrapping paper around the living room, but his Dad thought it was hilarious.