What is going on with all the outtages??? these last 3 nights seem to be really bad, and i never heard Nothing on the radio… odd…then I was talking to friends in terrace, and I guess there has been a light show of thunder/lightning. and barley nooo rain. fun stuff.

I heard in the radio two mornings ago that we were being supplied by Rio Tinto Alcan because something with BC Hydro’s line was experiencing difficulties…

Maybe we made the switch back over

I don’t understand why my computer won’t start, it’s a (insert a Brand Name people think has anything to do with reality) that’s worked flawlessly for years.
Says everyone in the lineup as lightning bolts flash and the windows rattle behind them for the tenth consecutive day.
Have only two power supplies left, a dozen more on the way. Rained so damned hard it put satellite tv out for over an hour the other day.
A severe storm warning issued for the Prince George area today.

We were doing work on towers Tuesday, the bare mountaintop is an antenna farm (Rogers, Telus, Navigata, RCMP, TV, us, ABC, radio repeaters…) when it hit. I shouted “Get off that thing NOW” when a bolt hit the valley under a mile away and we ran to the truck with all the tools. Rained so hard it was like 4 wheeling down a waterfall on the access road. Holy shit!

Man…having a UPS is a necessity not a luxury in PR. My UPSs have paid for themselves a few times over with all of the outages, brownouts we’re getting.

Thank god my computer is ok, I was in the middle of a nuts Black Ops session when the power SLOWLYYYYYYYYYY powered down my rig

Haha, yep, was funny. a few of the lights went out, and so did the router and the modem, but the light that’s in front of me only slowly went down. And then, shortly after I’d gotten through all of the prompts on the BC Hydro outage and repair line, Poof, the power was back on.

I wish they would tell us what’s going on. Seems the power goes out a lot in Rupert.

This is out my back door.

nice Chad, Im loving all the new photographs you are doing…

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Do you guys get ‘warning blips’ when there’s an outage? Here the lights blink for a second and everyone stops talking. You wait for the next blink, and if there’s a third - you’re screwed. Third time they go out for at least two hours.
First half hour Hydro’s gotta get thirty calls before they believe anyone, then if it’s still out the next half hour tracking down a crew, then 45 minutes to drive up here…
Four times in the 22 yrs here it’s gone out Christmas Day and ruined dinner.

Had to rescue the Hydro contractors last week. Got to the mountaintop only to discover it wasn’t my radios they were changing out poles (my UPS died… the TV guys had plugged their transmitters into it too). They tried to turn around and got their bucket truck stuck axle deep in the mud. Cell phone didn’t work up there. Got to use the winch on our work truck (grunt grunt honkin 8000 lb Warn 460V8 tow hooks grunt grunt felt like Tim Allen)

A reliable source told me he-man was just visiting.