Power outage

Ok who pulled the plug for Prince Rupert

So what happened ? Slide? Or something else

Everyone lose power? Everything in my house slooooooooowwwwwly lost power.

My aunt is in overweitea and they say power will resume @ 9am tomorrow - like wow

Thankfully, the Citywide Emergency Internet System (CEIS) is still operational. ie: HTMF.

Its really too bad the city doesn’t own a technology company that could setup some sort of web portal.


There are two reasons listed on the BCHydro website. One is a motor vehicle accident on Mount Hays that happened this afternoon and a transmission circuit failure that happened at around 7:30 pm. Expected time to restore power is 11:00 pm.

…and they want to raise our hydro rates with service like this??

power on at 21:05hrs…

Power is back on in the following in many parts of the east side of the city

Seal Cove Area
6th Ave East (past 6th bridge)
7th Ave East (past 6th bridge)
8th Ave East (past 6th bridge)
9th Ave East (past 6th bridge)
10th Ave East (past 6th bridge)
Ambrose/Overlook/Herman/Pigott Ect
portions of 11th Ave East
India/Jamaica Ave
portions of PRB, Conrad/Silversides/Eagle Area
Hays Cove Ave

Pineridge area back