Power out, in the dark

Looks like it is out for most of the North Coast:


And won’t be back until later today.


Still no power in Terrace. Rupert is supposed to be back on by now (according to BC Hydro). Is it?

I’m in Terrace… nice to have the power back on. Apparently Rupert is still out, and will be out until 4pm. No turkey dinner for anyone tonight.

Just talked to someone in Rupert - power was still out this morning. Apparently the wind was so crazy some roofs have blown off… the museum (she said). I’m here looking for pictures; but I guess it’s tough for people to upload without any power.

I’m on Sherbrooke in Rupert and we just got Power back. Time to start editing photos

here are some photos

some more

Up on the far east side of Rupert and the power just came on. What a storm! I lost a section of my fence and the railing off my deck. I’m convinced more than ever that mother nature is indeed a woman. This storm also took two things dear to a man’s heart. My BBQ and my high def reciever!

Our power just came back as well. We lost a few shingles over our front porch, not too bad at all.

The damage is impressive! I hope no one was hurt.

a few more from Iphone

Just got the turkey into the oven. It’s a big bird. Keep my fingers crossed the power stays on for the next 4 hours.

Have Safeway and Overwaitea re-opened?

Hey - I lost a garbage can lid. If anyone finds it can you please call me so I can pick it up. lol

Power still out on the bench in Terrace (and North). BC Hydro says 6PM tomorrow at the earliest.

Lots of trees and powerlines down here.

We’re downtown Terrace and have had power since we woke up. But it was out last night.

There’s a bunch of photos here that show the damage. a few from Port ED and the trailer park here in town that don’t seem to show on anyone’s collections yet. zpaperboyz.posterous.com/

My uncle said his neighbour’s roof was blown off and into the bush, ceiling and all. Looks like he won’t be coming to Thanksgiving dinner today, it’s going to be a long day for someone who owns a refrigeration company.

I think this is the most dramatic of my days shots.

Great photos, guys!

Still a lot without power.

Prince Rupert: bchydro.com/rss/outages/prince_rupert.xml
Terrace: bchydro.com/rss/outages/terrace.xml
Northwest BC: bchydro.com/rss/outages/northern.xml

Let me know if those links work on a browser. Posting them from my phone.