Power is out

so its 3 am and the damn power has been out for about an hr. whats up with that so I went outside and looked at all the stars…

thank god i can still post from my phone…lol…as u can see … :smiley:.

well im off to bed stumbling around in the dark… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

We did have some pretty high winds down here on the island last night-no power failures that I’m aware of but the amp kept clicking and the lights kept dimming while we were watching movies, which prompted my husband to lean over and ask, “Do you know where the lanterns are??” I hope your power came back on soon…

Fall is here, folks!

It was a planned outage from BC Hydro from 2am to 5am. 

As smartass has stated, it was a planned outage.  We got an e-mail at work saying that our area was going to be one of the areas affected.  Not all of town was affected as it was originally thought.

It was odd though…when I left our poker game at 3:00am (yes we did play by candle light fro an hour), I went towards 11th Ave East because it looked like there were street lights on, and indeed there were, up as far as Alexandria Place and then it was as black as black could be from there eastward.  Kinda freaky.

Yeah, we had most of our electronics turned off before we went to bed but the outage didn’t reach here (Sloan).

I was over at someone’s house, and then everything went pitch black. It was rather eerie. Outside was very cool; no lights, hardly able to see anything besides the night sky. I could just see the zombies taking over.