Pot/Man Holes up and down 3rd

I don’t know if its just me, but I could swear that some of those man-holes covers have gotten deeper over the last year.

It’s just that you’ve gotten heavier.

Water is amazing!  What can’t it do?!?!

It can’t get you drunk on its own!

Really? Check out this:Â


Dave, you forgot:

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Also, is this where “water on the brain” comes from?

That “pwned” thing works well, considering it’s a big thumb doing it. 

Notice that I used the word “drunk” instead of “intoxicated”.  I started writing “intoxicated” but remembered reading something similar to what you posted.  I will not deny that the effect listed can be thought as being similar to drinking excessive alcool.  But I doubt anyone will say that they became pissed drunk with water.

Interesting use of words, these too also all mean the same:

several passengers later said they suspected the driver of being intoxicated
drunk, inebriated, inebriate,impaired, drunken, tipsy, under the influence; informal plastered, smashed, bombed, sloshed, sozzled, hammered, sauced, lubricated, well-oiled, wrecked, juiced, blasted, stinko, blitzed, half-cut, fried, gassed, polluted, pissed, tanked (up), soaked, out of one’s head, out of one’s skull, loaded, trashed, buzzed, befuddled, hopped up, besotted, pickled, pixilated, canned, cockeyed, wasted, blotto, blind drunk, roaring drunk, dead drunk, punch-drunk, ripped, stewed, tight, high, merry, the worse for wear, far gone, pie-eyed, in one’s cups, three sheets to the wind; Brit. informal bladdered, lashed; literary crapulous

hehe talking about city has the city used its snow remover budget for this year…LOL

Really?  'cause they seemed to be all over the place in the last two days.

Also, where exactly are these things on 3rd Avenue that I’m supposed to avoid?

I didn’t find the pot holes so bad yesterday, but that lake at 3rd and McBride was kind of an interesting experience to drive through (is that sail through maybe).

Note to city crews, pushing the snow on top of the water grates isn’t a particularly useful solution to the snow removal process.

Are you kidding? In a few weeks when the weather warms up, all that snow will just melt right into the drains! C’mon, work smarter, not harder!

Bringing back an old thread ( even though I got owned on it :blush:) for a sad story:http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/6261509.stm

That is a sad story indeed.  Hopefully this sad event will prevent any other contests of this sort from happening. :frowning: