Posting Pics Online

Are there any sites you can upload pics to that don’t let people steal them and use them for whatever?  I have some I want to post online but don’t want them stolen.  Does a site like that even exist?

not sure I use I use flickr; if u are scarred about people stealing your pics watermark it and upload low res files, that’s what i do 800 x 600…

I read more about it and there’s really not much you can do if people want to steal them.  Even if you use html to stop people from right-clicking, they could still use PrintScreen and then just crop it in Photoshop or whatever.

I’ve never liked posting pictures online.
So I don’t. Not very often anyhow. Watermarks can be removed in photoshop quite easily. Unless you make the picture so small it’s not worth it to try.

If people are stealing your photos, you’d better call the police.

If you don’t want people to copy them, then don’t put them online.  Just to have them display on other people’s computers means you have to copy them to their computers.

Personally, all my stuff is online with an attribution-Creative Commons license.  I want people to use my photos.  I’ve had a couple published in Toronto and Montreal newspapers because of the CC licensing.  I don’t consider it stealing at all.  They gave me credit.

If you really don’t want anybody else at all to be able to copy your photos, do not put them online, not publicly anyway.

If you just want to share your photos with a small number of people, put them somewhere with password protection, and only give your friends the password.  Flickr and other sites support private photos.

I have to disagree with you on removing watermarks, you may be able to do some of them but not all and it will look bad.

Like MiG I have photos published in some online articles and I was asked permission and given credit. I use all rights reserved and © 

here are some example of water marks. I use.

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