Posting from your phone

posting from my dash  phone this rocks 

Us Rupertites will be able to do that soon.

In about 50 more years.  :unamused:

maybe when shitty tel gets there ass in gear and upgrades all thier old shit. Text messaging is now more popular than talking on the phone.

Any Idea when services are going to be upgraded?  Digital TV, text messaging, I think we missed out on the telephone porn available with Telus  :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m still amazed I couldn’t send or receive text messages, or get proper voicemail support in Rupert on my Telus phone. Blows me away. Though, I can’t even get reception on my street in Grande Prairie half the time. What ever happened to line-of-sight? This is a Grande Prairie

Cough GSM cough :smile: telus SUX!!!