Post pictures of your car.. I just polished mine

[quote=“steve”]^ Quote whore ^

Jesus is that a turbo?

I’d post mine but I have no hosting.[/quote]

We have a photo gallery on this site… just open one up and you’re good to go.

What car yo have steve ?

Oh and if you want something cooler than htmf for hosting PM me i can provide you with a couple hundred megs of space.

There is nothing cooler than HTMF.


Yeah thanks Dude, I’m pretty much over it now. Everytime I walk out to the car to grab or look for somethign and it isn’t there, I feel like killing someone.

[quote=“steve”]^ Quote whore ^

Jesus is that a turbo?

I’d post mine but I have no hosting.[/quote]

[quote=“smartass”]Check out the fly rims on my ride yo![/quote]

Ditch the MX700 and get a G7 already. Dual swap Li-Ion packs > cleaning the MX700s charging contacts.

Nice tails. Who made 'em? They kinda look like the Prelude Euro tails, but done way nicer.

2004 chevy optra5

more pics here

I have no idea what you mean

[quote=“Nomadic man”]

I have no idea what you mean[/quote]

he means he can’t post pics because he has no webspace to host them. DUH!

Leaman, is that your car in your avtar or what? Because the car you posted looks nothing like that.

Picture in my avatar is what i want :smiley:

I’ve actually never had to worry about my stereo. I always leave the faceplate on, my amp has been there since I bought it, but now I have expensive 6x9s sitting on the rear deck.

I don’t know what it is, I just feel safe with it there, plus I haven’t found the time to hide anything, not that I really could.

Ideally, I’d have a trunk that didn’t have a moisture leak so I could mount the amp on the other side of the rear deck (inside the trunk) and cut holes in the rear deck for the 6x9s to sit and cover the rear deck with some thin fabric to give it the appearance there’s nothing back there.

But really, never had a problem in Terrace. Of course the week after I bought my car two windows were smashed and theives stole the cheapass deck and old 6x9s that came with the car, but that was because it was parked at a mechanic shop in the worst part of town. Other than that, I just turn the music down when I go to the mall so as far as anyone knows there’s nothing in the trunk making it go bump.

When I get a full day off (ha!) I’ll do some hiding, but until then I’m living my life on the edge :stuck_out_tongue:

1997 Pontiac Grand Am GT

Well since I started a car thread :wink: Anyone know where I can pickup a set of dash lights for my talon… the little ones for the center console with the orange nipple on them. So far I have tried lordco and canadian tire but neither carry them and they cant get them in. I am going to check out chrysler on wednesday but I have this feeling they will be highly overpriced if they even have them.

Holy shit, I didn’t know that’s what you meant by a “restoration”. What did you pay for the body pieces?

This is all that matters now…

5.8L of madness

Interesting how its outside, on the ground, in the rain. I’d be pretty mad too.