Possible wolf sighting on Overlook

Last night my bf and I ran into a very large dog-like animal on Overlook Street.  I say it looked like a husky crossed with a german shepherd.  He said that it was a wolf for sure.  It was very large, well fed and not scruffy looking.  Some friends said they saw a wolf up on Piggot as well, so it could be the same one.

When we saw this dog/wolf thing, it appeared to be chasing another, smaller dog.  So, people around that area should keep their animals inside at night.

That wouldn’t surprise me at all.  I see wolves in my back yard on Sloan Avenue once in a while.  I won’t let my 7 year old play in my back yard; our yard is very close to the forest.

Oh no… Don’t say that Princess. lol. I don’t want a wolf around my house darn it.

I am on Overlook and haven’t seen it, but a neighbour has seen in three times now.  Last night he heard what sounded like a dog being attacked, then silence, then the white wolf/dog/thing ran up the middle of the street. 

Either way - if it’s a wolf or a dog, doesn’t hurt to be more aware - especially if you have any pets! 

I saw that wolf too. 
I live on Pigott Ave. on the other side of the green belt between Overlook and Pigott and yesterday morning at around 8:30 I saw what first looked like a large german shepard.  I just saw the side and back end of it as it walked through my yard.  I opened my back door and since I don’t have anymore pups around - the last one passed away in January-  thought I 'll see if it comes and visits with me.  I said " Hey puppy" and he startled, turned around and ran up the bank towards the woods, then stopped and looked at me for a few seconds.  I swear, the face was that of a wolf, but the colours are more like a german shepard.

My wife saw the wolve last night whe she dropped our daughter off ,it was in the driveway

Whatever happened to that astro fellow, he always had timely advice when these sightings took place.

I have him on facebook, I’ll ask.

maybe its trying to get to the cougars in the bar

There are many colour variations when it comes to the gray wolf - one of them being solid white.  It is fairly easy to tell the difference between a dog and a wolf - unless of course the dog is a mix that has a lot of wolf in it.  A wolf will have spindly looking legs compared to the size of its body.  Of course, when you see it for a split second running away from you, it can be much more challenging to identify.  :wink: 

At any rate, lets keep any sightings coming - I’ve put some photos here of the varying colours of the gray wolf…




Astro? That you?

Nope, not Astro - just a wolf aficionado…

All I can say is it is good to inform people of possible wolf sightings. And remember to keep garbage in the garbage bins, and pet food and pets indoors, unless you want to get rid of them, J/K.

is still up and people keep posting their wolf sighting there as-well.

the photos I posted are all local wolves except the last one, that is a hybrid.

Is it safe to have your daughter so close to the wolf in that last photo ?

its just a dog  :smiley:


I was wondering who would be the first to say something!!

I was informed 2 years ago (aprox) not to have my dog at a school (((on leash)) cause he looked to much like a wolfe…he is a small highbred. but is as small as a regular husky…

He is SO beautiful Sindicat !!  How many do you have now?  :smiley:

4, the little pup I found a while back is finally getting a home this coming week :smile:  want  cat codybear  :unamused: