Possible Cougar?

'caught wind of a possible cougar sighting at the end of 11th Ave., proximal to the wildlife shelter.

what kinda car was she drivin?

Sorry, that was me.  I’m just “in training” to be a cougar though… well on my way.

Your an apprentice cougar :wink:

Maybe the cougar heard about that husky ole white wolf and wants to er, ah, visit.

What color? What model year? I think this a 2008 model.
A guy on my street just got a brand new purple Dodge Challenger, really nice car too.


ya, the “Animal” Cougar was spotted in three times around the area… one at the conrad school, once heading towards maverick (sry spelling) and once around the middle of 11th…should be for an interesting summer if it goes this well…and if someone doesnt know what a Cougar looks like, there is something wrong lmao.

Here is a cougar straight from Cougar-ville.

Is it just me, or can everyone else see the scar underneath her tit… :stuck_out_tongue:

Which Boob?

Yeah, it’s still pink so must be recent !  Just a cat scratch, I guess  :smiley:

Do you ladies have nothing better to do besides picking old some old lady’s boob, something like baking with dates or something  :unamused:

LMAO Bubba!!

we know youd all do her in a new york minute

Lol. Nothing wrong with having boob implants. I don’t really care actually. I was just wondering if I was the only one who noticed it.

So that is it then, find a Pink Scar on someones Boob and thats how you tell

it is as well, VERY easy to have that photo-shopped in as well.

Why would anyone photoshop a scar in?  Like I said, just a cat scratch, is all !!  :smiley:

why would anyone do “photoshop” anything,lol…“Rumors” of course :stuck_out_tongue:  lol.