Position Available: Wireless Installer


Position Available: Wireless Installer (in the field)

Required Competency:
 Good working knowledge of Networking
 Candidate must be able to withstand the physical demands of the position (climbing ladders & towers, working outside)
 Experience with computers is necessary
 Willingness to learn & expand knowledge
 Ability to work alone or as a team-player
 Valid driver’s license with 5+ years driving experience required

Starting Wage:
$12-$15 hourly (to start, depending on experience & capabilities)

Working Hours:
Monday - Friday
9:30am - 5:30pm

Description of Responsibilities:
Wireless Internet new account installations and repairs, and troubleshooting in the field. Planning the daily/weekly technician appointment schedule. Technical troubleshooting with clients on phone and in-store. Customer service & sales, back-up support staff for the Office Manager, maintenance of shop/repair rooms. Some in-shop repairs to client computers, printers, & other equipment may be required on occasion.

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What city is the position in?

Sorry! I got someone in the office to post this,
Beautiful downtown Fort St. James

Sounds like a lot of responsibility for a comparitively low wage

Actually, that’s pretty good for a starting wage considering the requirements.

That’s actually a decent wage depending on the workload / responsibility level. Anything above basic computer repair and installation i.e.: Database, server or website work I would be spewing the “Sorry, that’s way past my pay-grade,” line.

In this economy though, if you don’t have a job already…it’s a good idea to snatch up whatever you can.

If you are unemployed or qualify for training subsidies you may get a slightly higher start rate.
If you share leroy’s opinion, you’re welcome to apply elsewhere.

Actually, that’s pretty good for a starting wage considering the requirements.[/quote]

While I haven’t really spent any time in FSJ, last time I drove though there (this was a couple years ago), MacDonalds was advertising $15 an hr. So while I can’t comment on this job specifically, I would recommend that anyone looking into this, take a look at the economy there and do the math re rent, food, etc.

To the OP, best of luck getting this slot filled. Working short staffed blows.

You might be thinking of Fort St. John. We’re don’t have a McD’s. Shit we don’t even have one franchise food chain here, the first guy to open one will be rich. The moneyed people that live here are convinced they wouldn’t make money. They don’t know their own kids would gorf down 15 Big Macs a week rather than one tasteless $10 burger that takes and hour to make while the owner sneers at them.
Rent isn’t insane yet, there’s not a lot to spend your money on and there’s a HUGE lake here.
A PG radio celeb once asked me “What’s wrong with you people? You have this huge damn lake, beautiful beaches and parks and trails and you keep trying to market your town’s history. Don’t you know people’s eyes roll back and they start to snore as soon as you say the word ‘history’?”

Oh shit… that’s exactly what I was thinking of… where the hell is Ft St James!? [turns to google]