Ports of Call

I now live in North Vancouver. On the plus side is great (warm) weather and lots of sunshine. On the minus side is that NV is not PR, and the trains delivering coal and grain etc wake me up just about every night.
Why has PR not been able to attract that bulk commodity port business from Vansterdam?
The residents of NV complain enough, and the waterfront land is prime for development. Is the PR port selling the city short, the same way PR tourism sells the city short, etc.
If you keep doing things the same way you get the same results…

Well imagine the ruckus from the west side if we had the volume of North Van trains running through the waterfront freight yard.

How are the bulk commodities doing in Rupert anyway? Isn’t Ridley Island always busy?

Having talked to somebody that works at PRGrain last weekend, they are really quite busy, for this time of year. Summer is usually quiet, since all the eastern ports are open, but this year they are really doing well. The Port of PR is doing all it can to promote our port. Do not forget that the Port of Vancouver and the rest of them in the lower mainland are totally against anything going through our port. They feel that anything that goes through here is something that they lost out on.

Atlin / Graham Ave. home owners just don’t want their property values to hit the floor because of train / loading sound issues no matter the cost on Rupert. Ironically the East side would be the new “ritzy” part of town after a decade or so of loading / train sound problems one would suspect.

When is Tourism Prince Rupert going to refresh their web site? How old is it? Even the fish charter boys have better sites…

Maybe when the city council decides to get out of the telecom industry :wink: