Portable DVD Players

Been looking around at portable dvd players. Anyone have any thoughts or recommenations on any?

Avg price seems to be about $200 bucks or so but there are lots of models and brands to choose from.

Ive read a few reviews and some have said the sound on some sucked, others the screen is less than great. Anyone have direct experience with one of these items?


I had to travel from coast to coast this summer and was going to buy one of these gizmos for the kids. Then I decided that I could also use a laptop. So I bought an iBook. On the trip, I had a power inverter connecting the computer to the lighter plug, and a Y split cable from the computer to each kids’earphones.
Very few “Are we there yet?” over the course of 6500 km!
If it is for your kids, I would say find yourself a cheap second hand laptop with a dvd player and they’ll be happy because they will also be able to play games on it. It will have a bigger screen than a portable dvd, and most likely a sharper image.