Port officials join BC Transportation Minister on trade

“The mission will provide an ideal vehicle to increase awareness and understanding of the current advantages to be realized through Canada’s Pacific Gateway, and specifically the Port of Prince Rupert, while also introducing the tremendous capabilities to accommodate the growth and expansion of trans-Pacific trade,” – Don Krusel, President and CEO of the Prince Rupert Port Authority, offering his thoughts as representatives from British Columbia prepare to take part in a trade mission to Asia.

The provinces Transportation and Infrastructure Minister, Shirley Bond is off to the Orient to spread the word on Canada’s Western Gateway and she’s taking some key participants in the province’s transportation system with her on a trade mission to Asia, which gets underway on Monday November 1st.

Senior officials from the Port of Prince Rupert have joined the Minister, as well as their counterparts at Port Metro Vancouver on the ten day trade mission to Asia which will include stops in Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and China.

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