Port Expansion Delayed

THe credit cruch hits Rupert too…
The port of Prince Rupert is delaying the expansion of its container terminal by at least 18 months
here in the Fort, Terrane Metals Mt. Milligan mine, the only economic bright spot on the local horizon has hit the same credit snag and has delayed opening until 2010

Well, the local guys say that’s bullshit, but who you going to believe?

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Don’t forget:
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:confused: credit cruch!!! there is no such thing going on!

open your eyes for crying out loud,has anything really changed? have you gone to the store and seen all food items 5-10 times the price? is gas 83.9 or 399.9? it is a made up credit cruch so you feel depressed and small with no hope in site! O GREAT AND POWERFUL GOVERNMENT save us little lost souls. wake the fuck up people! you sheep need to look at the way things really are and not what your leaders tell you it is. credit cruch :unamused:

If you want people to follow your religion rather than theirs, try not to insult them and call them sheep.  It works better that way.

Ask not what your country can do for your sheep, but what your sheep can do for your country…


Baa, Baa, Baa, :imp:

I’ve yet to see a single person, on any internet forum or otherwise, be able to make an argument for a government conspiracy without eventually reverting to calling people names. Every time I see/hear it I just think to myself how insecure they must be to be doing that.

I guess what it boils down to me is that I’d rather be looked upon as a sheep, over the village idiot.

credit cruch!!! there is no such thing going on!

was the point of my post but you SHEEP fail to see that part didn’t you, blinded by your own ignorance.
(there now you have been- insulted,called names and looked down on for the ones that claimed i did it already)

credit cruch no not a credit cruch! o no what can we do its a credit cruch! the jobs are on hold because it’s a credit cruch! o no everything needs to be on hold because of the credit cruch! o no lets send more troops to war it’s a credit cruch because of Osama bin Laden he has the world by the balls with a credit cruch! shall we go on i could make it about a real world page or two long with real scare tactics use on you all the time!

village idiot award here would go to CrazyMike as he can only be the one to post an opinion on here without it being something other then that. :imp:

Dude, seriously, people tend not to react well when you call them names.  If your point in posting here is to get people to listen to you, then you should know that people stop listening when you insult them.

Hey, I am just as willing to entertain Zionist New World Order conspiracies as the next guy, but your posts are very difficult to read.

Which one of these is the credit cruch you’re blabbering about, Punisher?

I love these posts. They get so entertaining.

i like crutch b, cut and paste is not your friend sometimes :smiley:.

the Zionist New World Order conspiracies i was not talking about (just stating my opinion on the credit crunch) is all around you. if i were to sit here and state all or some of the facts as a report to you all you would not bother to look for yourselfs and most to all would just write it off as made up by me myself and I. try looking up some stuff instead of waiting for someone else (the sheep comment) to tell you. why not try finding some facts to show me the error of my ways as i am so far off base as to be coming from the realm of fantasy. it’s always easier to call someone the village idiot then to accept the truth.

as for migs comment you need a reality break dude, most of the people here and in the real world stop listening the moment they wake up thats just the way we are programed to be. think of this when i and i’m sure most of you grew up the worst thing we saw on t.v. was some person saying darn or some such replaced swear word but now even kids cartoons use words i would have been beaten like a runaway slave for saying and the violence on tv is just a way to make you dissociate from the values we grew up with, this is all the norm now it’s the slow Dumbing down of our morales and life styles. so prove me wrong if you can! just remember once you open Pandora’s box it’s a real bitch to close :imp:

dont get your panties in a bunch, not going to happen for awhile… say 3 years min

Billy have you been away to university or prison, you’re making much more sense these days :imp:

Punisher, I’m afraid it’s you who is the sheep and needs to wake up! These conspiracies about NWO conspiracies are all around you. If I were to sit here and state all of some of the facts as a report to you, you would not both to look for yourself and would just write it off as made up by me.

Try looking some of it up yourself instead of waiting for someone else. Why not try finding some facts to prove me wrong?

I really think you need a reality break dude. Most of these conspiracy believers like yourself stop listening the moment they wake up, that’s just the way they are programed to be. The “facts” you find on the internet are just a way to dissociate you from the values we grew up with. This is all the norm now. It’s the slow dumbing down of your morales and life styles.

So prove me wrong if you can! Just remember, once you open Pandora’s box it’s a real bitch to close.




Port expansion is delayed by up to 2 years. Can’t name my source…sorry. My source is quite close to all this Port stuff and is my friend. As we all know stuff (manure) does happen and things do change, but…

i know lots of people close to the port etc etc too and as far as ive nothing is official on anything yet. its been delayed and slowed down but no one knows an exact number because of a few reasons
1 - recession
2 - foremans union possible strike or job action
3 - was gonna be slow after xmas everyone knew that b4

recession or not this town has been thru plenty and we’ll get thru this . rupert has been in a recession long b4 the country was lol

If Maher and the deustch bank were smart they would build right now, materials are cheap and i bet they could find cheap labor(considering anyone would work for decent wage with the economy).  Ill bet you they don’t delay :laughing:. And unless your “source” is Joseph Curto i bet he knows as much as the rest of us do.