Port Ed council meeting

Did anyone read last Friday’s paper,(Feb.29/08)??? Lower front page. I know that we had our say on here in regards to the new pay first law. Mostly we disliked the law, some more than others. Councillor Murray Kristoff stated that he felt it was too much. He also said that customers had to enter the store, as that was the only option for customers in Port Edward. Councillor James Brown went on to say,“It brings a lot of Physco’s in (to the store)”, now who might councillor Brown be talking about, the local citizens of Port Edward, or the same fishermen that have docked their boats there for how many years now. Nice way to put it councillor Brown, I am sure glad that I don’t reside in your community. Hmm now I wonder if the so called “Physco’s”, are your friends, or your neighbors

Good thread.
Does Pt ED council think they are above Grants law?  This law was implemented to save the lives of workers.  People will get used to it.  I have already, its not a big deal.
But does the PT ED council think by firing off letters to the province they will get an exemption? Cause they feel its inconvienent to the lone operator in there town.
Basically it shows that Pt ED is behind the times and not proactive for the safety of workers in their community or anywhere else in the province.

Not directly involved in the whole safety/psychos issue but I thought this was interesting-

cbc.ca/canada/british-columb … blems.html


I can understand putting $100 on hold…

Wow, I never knew paying-at-the-pump is THAT in the ass. I guess this is one reason why BC needed a smartcard payment system like HK’s Octopus Card.


Imagine the convenience.

Funny, my complaint about 7-11 in Rupert was that they didn’t know how to do this pre-auth thing.  My complaint was the exact opposite of the one in the link.

It’s pretty standard in hotels, restaurants, etc.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Well it may not be a problem much longer for 7-11 at least for a little while…

reportonbusiness.com/servlet … bNews/home

Da thread was about a councillor callin the residents “Physco’s”, however I still like to hear other peoples opinions. Sure am glad that I am not a resident of Port Ed, Actually that councillor should have to make an apology to his community.

Basteiges eh? I liked this reply at the bottom of the page…

If I understand her correctly, I think she refers to available “credit” one has, rather than to a person’s actual bank account money.

With regard to the latter, however, according to reports, it also is held by certain gas companies when a customer’s bank account debit card is used at the gas pump.

But, may I say a word or so about credit, as with credit card use.

That use of credit is the SAME as use of cash, in-as-much that the user of credit is responsible for it, and that today, especially, credit debits are more easily accumulated than cash itself can be disposed of.

More to the point.

For the most part, you, yourself will dispose of your cash, whereas your credit can be quickly utilized by others.

It is, therefore, a very serious matter when others (merchants) can wantonly debit someone’s credit. This slippery-slope behavior is already occuring, evidently, in the Province of British Columbia."

They’ve been doing this forever.  It’s called a pre-auth.  It’s nothing new.

I worked at a hotel 15 years ago, and we did this then.  Restaurants have always done it, as have car rental companies. 

My complaint was that 7-11 Esso didn’t seem to know how to do this.