Port Ed complaining to government about highway maintenance

The District of Port Edward lashed out at the job of highway maintenance being done by Nechako Northcoast, the company responsible for snow clearing and highway care from Terrace to around Kasiks, and will be taking their complaints via a strongly worded letter to not only the Minister of Transportation but the Premier.


The whole province should go back to department of highways, they way these contractors treat their emloyees let alone the condiditon of the highways is out of control and not at all acceptable !

The portion of the highway beyond the Prince Rupert section (I believe around 56 KM out) is way worse during times of inclement weather. When it is snowing, it is painfully obvious where one contract ends and the other begins. Some people might say that its because the Terrace area contractor (Billabong?) has a larger area to cover. Well, don’t they get a higher paying contract so they can have more snow clearing vehicles out on the road?

I agree. Although, I have no clue about how they treat their employees.