Port Authority Confirmed: Canpotex Potash Plant to be built on Ridley!

Canpotex Announces Plans to Nearly Double Port Capacity
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan – Canpotex Limited (Canpotex) today announced plans for two west-coast terminal projects that will add approximately 11 million tonnes of annual potash shipping capacity to its current 12 million tonnes by the end of 2012. The projects include a new greenfield terminal on Ridley Island near Prince Rupert, British Columbia and a brownfield terminal expansion adjacent to Neptune Bulk Terminals (Canada) Ltd. in North Vancouver, British Columbia. The combined cost of these projects is expected to be in excess of CDN $500 million. Both projects are subject to the finalization of acceptable agreements with the respective Port authorities and other stakeholders.

“These projects are essential and strategic steps in preparing for long-term growth in global potash demand” said Steven Dechka, President and Chief Executive Officer of Canpotex. “With Canpotex shareholders working to significantly increase production over the next several years, we have a responsibility to build on our long-term ability to deliver this essential nutrient to offshore markets. In addition to increasing shipping capacity, the terminals will provide access to the fastest shipping routes to certain key offshore markets such as China. We look forward to the opportunity to better serve our customers.”

Canpotex is the offshore marketing company owned by the three Saskatchewan potash producing companies: Agrium Inc., Mosaic Canada Crop Nutrition, LP, a subsidiary of The Mosaic Company, and Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc.

Source: Canpotex

Job’s what?

oooh more settlement cash. Better break out the lawyers.

The artists have been busy visualizing what such a terminal may look like…

opinion250.com/blog/view/978 … nce+rupert

Kind of looks like a big pile of fertilizer, which I guess is what it is eh… :wink:

Perhaps soon residents will be able to say they live near the worlds biggest shit heap… and it will be true!

I mean port ed is bad… but…

Finally some good news for you folks.

[quote] Written by GORDON HOEKSTRA
Citizen staff 
Wednesday, 25 June 2008
Canpotex Ltd. is planning to build two west-coast terminal projects – a new facility in Prince Rupert and an expansion in Vancouver – that will nearly double potash shipping capacity on the west boast of B.C.
The addition at Prince Rupert – although most benefits will accrue there – is very positive for the entire northwest transportation corridor, said Tim McEwan, the president of Initiatives Prince George, the city’s economic development agency.
It’s one more building block that helps build critical mass along the corridor, and helps highlight the opportunities both in bulk and container shipping, said McEwan.
The corridor – which stretches through northern B.C., and includes Prince George – is being billed as another west coast gateway between North America and Asia.[/quote]

Full story… princegeorgecitizen.com/2008 … -port.html

What will it smell like??

Isn’t potash soluble in water?  How will that work in Sunny Port Ed?


The potash product I worked with Potassium chloride (KCL) is indeed soluble in water and looks very much like coarse salt. It has virtually no odor, tastes identical to salt and stings like hell when you get it in a cut. It beats the stuffing out of leather just like salt.

Along with use as a fertilizer it is also commonly used in fluids for stimulating gas wells.