Popups with safari

I’ve been getting popups with Safari lately, even though they’re supposed to be blocked. dictionary.com always has one, and a few other sites as well. Have they found a way around the blocker? Or do I have some kind of spyware on my computer?

Is this another one of those hoshq obvious questions?

You have the “block pop-up windows” thing checked, right?

I don’t see any unrequested windows with Safari. On dictionary.com or anywhere else. The only time you’ll get a pop-up is in response to a user action (like an onClick method).


yes, i have it set to block.

I just used dictionary.com for about 15 minutes, no pop-ups.

I have yet to get a pop up with Safari. In fact i have to remember to turn it off on one site to show my status. But other than that it works just perfectly.

Well, I’m not alone:






It’s not a Safari problem, nor a Mac problem, as your links have pointed out.

And you’re talking about pop-unders, not pop-ups, right?

yes, pop-under. same difference.

No it isn’t.

Whatever. I come here with a problem, and all you do is ridicule me. Thanks a lot.

I’m sorry you think that asking for clarification is ridicule.

As for the “obvious hoshq” questions, there have been many. And it’s easier to check that you’re not missing the obvious first.

For example:

When you complained about the spell-checker in gmail:


Or when you wanted the function keys on your ibook to work differently…


Often, technical problems are of the “doh!” kind, easy to fix, and pretty obvious. These are the kinds of problems you often post. That’s why I asked if this was an obvious one, ie: did you have the “block pop-up windows” checked?

Is it pick on hoshq day??? Don’t get me started

No, it’s not pick on hoshq day.

I do a lot of tech support for people who think they know a lot about computers. These are often the ones who react like hoshq when you ask them the obvious.

90% of the problems people report to me are fixed by rebooting (windows). So I ask “have you rebooted?” And they think I’m an asshole, or whatever. That’s not the case, it’s an honest question.

Sort of when you call Dell support and the first thing they ask is “is your computer plugged in?” Because I’ll bet some people don’t think of the obvious.

So asking if you had “block pop-up windows” checked is a legitimate question. 'cause if you didn’t, then that would be the problem.

Now if you came here and said that you were getting pop-under windows but not pop-ups, then I’m sure the response would have been different.

Well since you are so elite when it comes to tech support, don’t you think it would have been easier to over look the phrase “popup” and just continue to rectify the problem?
So what is causing these popunders?

I didn’t say I was elite.

Seriously, 99% of the “I’m getting popups on Safari!” problems are caused by not having “block pop-up windows” checked.

So that’s the first thing you ask, because in 99% of cases, that’s the problem.

And technically, the browser isn’t allowing pop-ups at all. Just because he thinks its “same difference” doesn’t mean it is.

What’s causing the pop-unders? The website isn’t using the onLoad method of opening a new window. Most pop-up blockers specifically block that (and other) Javascript methods that allow a new window to be created. Most pop-up blockers allow new windows after a page has loaded, though, and that’s probably what’s going on.

Hotq i have also notice that you have the stupid questions here and the most easy one to fix buy searching google they all can be fixed Easily.

Well, I wouldn’t call them stupid questions. I’d just say they have obvious answers. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be asked, though.

But if you’re going to ask a “why isn’t my computer working” question, be prepared for some questions like “is it plugged in?”

Ive been working for a Dial up / hi speed question and well you kinda have to ask your self are you really prepared to talk to these kinda people. Some questions i get asked a-lot are.

Do you really have to have Antivirus. I simply reply with… what kind of computer do you have … A if it is a mac The answer is not b if the computer is windows i say yes you sure do.

Does my phone line have to be hooked up t dial out ?
Can i talk on the phone when i’m connected to the net ?
How come i get disconnected when i pick up my phone ?

The list goes on. I agree with you Mig there is no stupid question that should not be asked but some common sense should also be used too… I just take a deep breath after each call and say WOW!!

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