Poor Green Party Andrew Weaver

Guess Premier Horgan found out being in opposition is different then being in Government, remember how he ragged on the Liberals when they invented a new tax for LNG and he said they were not taxing them enough well guess what times have changed now

Horgan is the tax break man now and it is driving Weaver nuts and probably our local MLA too.
Weaver is threatening to bring down the government over this, please that is so funny, Weaver is all bark and no bite, until he gets proportional representation passed he will just huff and puff and try to bring the house down and fail

Are any of the LNG projects going ahead? I’m out of the loop. Is the one in Kitimat happening? How about Rupert?

looks like Kitimat’s 2 LNG’s might go ahead Shell will announce something this year, think their enviromental permit expires this year, both are also waiting to see if the federal government will give them a pass on the import tax on their prefab modules

LNG Canada said in February that they had narrowed down bids for the project and the CEO said recently that a FID announcement would be sooner rather than later, and that was before Horgan’s announcement yesterday.