Pond confirms plans to run for B.C. Liberals

On December 18 former Mayor Herb Pond confirmed his intention to seek out the North Coast nomination of the B.C. Liberal party in the 2009 provincial election, having passed the initial requirements to seek the candidacy set out by the party and the riding association.

“It is something that has been coming for a while. In my role as Mayor I have seen what can happen when the riding is well represented and has a good connection with government. I look at major projects the city could take on, like better access to the airport and road connections to Lax Kw’alaams and Metlakatla, and think about how successful we’re going to be if we’re not well represented in government,â€

So he is making the same promises that every mayor since John Kuz short term. So we are going to have to listen to him for how much longer is it? How can we make him go away? Vote Coons I figure.

I had enough of Herb as Mayor but I would probably vote for him as MLA.  His strengths are selling our region and community and being an ambassador.  Providing the BC Liberals remain in power I see that Herb as MLA would be more beneficial to us than having Coons re-elected.  I think that Gary is a great guy but we could do better by having a constructive member who is representative of the party in power rather than just having a critic.

The last 2 polls show the NDP ahead of the BC Liberals, so I would suggest that voting for Coons would have the same chances of electing someone to government as voting for a Liberal candidate.

Hmm, seems there were a few polls since I checked.  Anyway, it’s still a complete toss up.  thetyee.ca/News/2008/12/03/Polls/